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June 6, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 9 – Auditions #3 Atlanta

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Debbie Allen

The point of the auditions is to get a ticket to “Vegas” and continue this journey.

If a dance performance does not “dazzel” the judges, but the dancer looks like they have potential on this show, the dancer is sent to choreography where they learn a routine and dance with a partner.  They the dance the routine for the judges and the judges decide whether the dancer continues on to Vegas or not.

Tonight’s Highlights

1] Audrey Case #2587            Style: Contemporary
We started tonight with a “Wow”.  Audrey has the “look”, the moves, and the technique along with dancing an outstanding routine. Audrey really shined tonight.
Vegas — YES

2] Boris Denton #2725            Style: Hip-Hop
Now this was a very interesting Hip-Hop routine because Boris danced to classical piano music and it was excellent.  Boris received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.  Bravo!  Debbie Allen said, “That was true artistry.”
Vegas – YES

3] Joshua Alexander #2198    Style: Contemporary
Another great routine danced with power, and technique.  A beautifully danced routine.
Vegas – YES

4] Tim Conkel #2086               Style: Hip-Hop with Karate flavor
Tim did some incredible moves, but Nigel questioned whether it was dancing or just tricks.  Nigel asked Tim if he had been trained in any other styles and Tim said, “I had a week of ballet.”  Nigel asked Tim to show him some ballet moves and if it was good enough, he would get to go to Vegas.  Tim did what turned out to be a pretty good ballet routine that brought out his personality.
Vegas – YES

5] Danielle Dominguez #2058            Style: Contemporary
Danielle danced a very good routine that show her to be unique in her style.
Vegas – YES

6] Andrea Rucker #2736                     Style: Hip-Hop
We have never seen Hip-Hop like this routine and we say this because all the moves were simply amazing.
Vegas – YES

7] Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer #2726        Style: Hip-Hop
This Hip-Hip routine was just plain “SIC”.  Every move was astounding and we were glued to the screen and enjoying every movement.  We wanted more!
Vegas – YES
Note: Cyrus has two other roommates that dance and they are Andrea #2736 and Boris #2725 and all are going to Vegas.

8] Courtney Kirby #2111         Style: Contemporary
This was a beautifully danced routine with great technique and graceful power.
Vegas – YES

9] Asher Walker #2095           Style: Hip-Hop (Self taught)
Asher gave a fresh look to Hip-Hop in this routine.  Asher showed his personality along with some original moves.
Vegas – YES

10] George Lawrence II #2519            Style: Contemporary
Mary Murphy said it best, “Of all the dancers we have seen so far in Atlanta, you are the best.”
Vegas – YES

11] Brittany      #2100  Style: Jazz
Brittany danced a very nice routine and we like it.  The judges also liked it and though she had great potential to grow.
Vegas – YES

12]  A duet of Damon #2479 and Deon #2480           Style: Hip-Hop
These two guys really danced a great routine and it was very entertaining.
Both guys were sent to choreography.
Deon – Vegas – NO
Damon – Vegas – YES

We have nothing to add right now except to say that every year we say the talent this year is the best ever and we have to say the same again this year.  This shows how shows like SYTYCD bring dancing up to new levels every year.

Next week the auditions continue.

See ya’all next week!

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