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May 24, 2012

So You Think You Can Dance 2012 — Season 9

We have been waiting for months for our all time favorite dance show to start the new season 9.  So You Think You Can Dance premiered tonight with the first round of auditions.  From what we have read there will be many changes this year, like the show will only be on once a week on Wednesdays for two hours of non-stop dancing.  Also a “biggie” — this year there will be two winners, yes two winners this season.  One boy and one girl.  We have always wondered why they didn’t do this in the first place, but we know everything gets better with age. (Except for American Idol)  Here is a link to follow that give even more details on this years changes.  < Click here >

Also back this year will be the two weekly judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy with a third guest judge each week helping out.  Cat Deeley will once again be the Host along with the “All Star” dancers from the past few years.

Tonight’s Highlights

New York Auditions – Guest judge Tyce D.

1] Amelia Lowe #10317          Style: Contemporary
We started tonight with a “Wow!”
Vegas – YES

2] Toshihiko #11142                Style: Hip-Hop / Contemporary / and everything else J
This was very entertaining with some original movement.
Tosh got through to choreography, but could not handle it and walked out.
Vegas – NO

3] Austin Freeman #10402     Style: Mr. Wiggle (Invented by Austin)
We got nervous just watching this routine.
Vegas – NO

4] Shafeek #10420                  Style: Contemporary Hip-Hop
This was an amazing routine with original moves.  Strong, powerful, and a joy to watch.
Vegas – YES

5] Leo Reyes #10165              Style: Contemporary
This was another beautifully danced routine.  Bravo!
Vegas – YES

6] Chehon #1197                    Style: Contemporary
This was a “WOW!” from the get-go.  Powerful dance movement, and simply a beautiful routine to enjoy watching.  Bravo!  (We think this is a top ten contender).
Vegas – YES (No doubt)

Dallas Auditions – Guest Judge Lil “C”

7] Brie Hafen #6929                Style: Contemporary
Another excellent routine — graceful and a joy to watch.  Bravo!
Vegas – YES

8] Stepheon #8253                  Style: Modified Hip-Hop
This was definitely different in a good way.  Mostly original moves by an obviously original dancer.
Vegas – YES

9] Hampton #6893                  Style: Exorcist (Freestyle)
This is probably the most original routine / dancer we have seen in all 8 seasons of SYTYCD.  It was plain amazing!
Vegas – YES

10] Daniel Baker #8708          Style: Contemporary
This was another “WOW!” routine.  It was powerful, original, and we were completely entertained.  Bravo!
Vegas – YES

11] Sam #8908                       Style: Lyrical Freestyle
A great try from a dear soul that has such beautiful energy in his routine.
Vegas – NO

12] Von Kidder #unknown       Style: B-Boy
When it comes to dancing Von talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.  The routine was boring, but probably would have been much better if Von wore the gerbil costume.
Vegas – NO

13] Jarelle #8737                     Style: Contemporary
A proud Mom watched her son perform an absolutely beautiful dance routine and we enjoyed each moment along with her.  Jarelle told a story with his dance and this is what this show is all about.  Bravo!
Vegas – YES

Next week the auditions continue and we found tonight a refreshing and delightful change form the bevy of “song” formatted competitions in recent months.  The great thing about SYTYCD is the focus is the contestants and the judges are fans even though the judges make the decision of who stays and who goes in the beginning.  The judges on this show do not compete with each other nor are they “legends in their own minds” like the other “vocal” shows we have been viewing since the beginning of the year.

We have nothing to add except we applaud Phillip Phillips on becoming this year’s American Idol.

See y’all next week!


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