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November 3, 2011

The “X” Factor USA – Top 12 Results

Well now, so this is how it works for now.  Even though the audience voted they don’t decide who goes home based on their vote.  The bottom two vote getters “Sing for their lives” to the judges and the judges decide who goes home if the majority of the judges (3) all point to the same contestant.  If the judges tie then the contestant with the lowest votes goes home.

We really like this format because we have seen on some other shows of this nature where only the audience decides who goes home and there have been times where it was a really bad choice.  I think having the judges make the decision makes total sense especially on The “X” Factor where the judges are the best in the music business and they know what they are looking for.

Tonight “InTENSITY” went home.  This was one of two groups put together at the last minute in “Boot Camp”.  The group actually consisted of ten individuals put in to the group category because the judges thought they would make a good group of singers.  “InTENSITY” should be proud that they made the top 12 and we say to these ten very good contestants “Let nothing stand in your way as you continue your journey to complete your dream”.

We have nothing else to report except that we agree with the comment Paula made about groups not connecting easily with viewing audiences.  We completely agree with that statement especially the groups on this show this season.  Stereo Hogzz and Lakoda Rayne better get super star better as quick as possible….


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