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September 28, 2011

The “X” Factor USA – Week Two

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Last week was the premier of The “X” Factor and we were really looking forward to this new show and we were not disappointed at all.  Simon Cowell brought this new and improved version of a talent reality show to Fox and as only Simon can do, did it the “right” way.

We have looked at several review of the first week and they all seem to compare The “X” Factor to American Idol, which we assume is because Simon left America Idol to do this show.  The actual format of the talent presentation is almost exactly like America’s Got Talent and the only comparison to American Idol is this show is only based on singing.

What we like about The “X” Factor the most is the focus is mainly on the talent.  We like how before each contestant performs there is usually a promotional video about the contestant describing in length the contestants background, which is also part of American Idol and AGT, but Factor seems to do it better.  The main point on the Factor is the contestant and that is something we like very much.  Last season on American Idol it seemed the focus was on Steven Tyler and J-Lo and the contestants were secondary.  Every time we watched it was Steven this and Steve that or J-Lo this and J-lo doing that.  Granted Steven Tyler and J-Lo are super starts, but we tune in to see the contestants and how they are following their dreams.

Everything is better on The “X” Factor including the judges and of course the number one judge Simon.  He is always fun to watch and seems to be about the fairest judge of all the reality shows we have watched.  We like that Simon tells it like it is to the contestants and keeps the show moving.

We have nothing else to report except we can say without a doubt The “X” Factor is a “hit” in our book.


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