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August 4, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 – Top 6 Performance

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, and guest judges Christina Applegate and Lil “C”.

The contestants did three routines tonight one with an “All Star” as a partner, one with one of the other contestants as a partner, and a solo.  The solo will not be judged, but it gives you one last chance to see your favorite in their specialty before next week.  The “All Star” dancers are past competitors from previous seasons of SYTYCD.

Remember folks, next week is the final show this season and America’s Favorite Dancer will be chosen by your voting.

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance partnered with All Star (AS = All Star):

1] Melanie and AS Twitch – Style: Hip-Hop                Song “Romans Revenge”
This is the first time this season where we get to see Melanie doing the Hip-Hop style and she was awesome once again.  We agree with Lil ‘C’ when he said it was “Buck.” It was definitely a tough routine and as usual Melanie “nailed” it.  Bravo!

2] Sasha and AS Kent – Style: Jazz                           Song “Fool of Me”
This routine included a wall as the main prop and the routine was one of the most amazing we have seen this season.  We could not take our eyes off the dancers as they progressed through this routine using the wall throughout.  This routine was a piece of art, “The art of dance.”  Sasha danced the routine with emotion and brought the viewing audience along with her.  It was probably the best routine Sasha has danced this season.  Bravo!

3] Marko and AS Janette – Style: Paso Doble            Song “Zoarongo”
This is not one of our favorite styles, but there have been some routines that we have appreciated and this was one of them.  It was not one of Marko’s usual “wows”, but he did a good job with it.

4] Tadd and AS Ellenore – Style: Contemporary        Song “The Golag Orkastar”
This was an odd routine that had the dancers mostly hanging from a chandelier, which really took the focus away from the few dance steps in the routine.  The chandelier did a fantastic job just hanging around.  The few dance steps that Tadd had he did a very good job with it and we noticed he must have hung from a chandelier once or twice before coming to SYTYCD.

5] Ricky and AS Jamie – Style: Contemporary          Song “Inside These Lines”
This was another routine where the dancers had props.  This time the prop was a stick in each hand, which makes the routine all that much harder.  It was not one of our favorite routines because it started with flow, but then it seemed the dancers were more focused on not dropping one of the sticks then the dance movement itself.

6] Caitlynn and AS Pasha – Style: Samba                 Song “Drop it Low”
This was no doubt the best Samba routine we have seen in many weeks.  Caitlynn had great technique and really entertained us.  Caitlynn is really growing with each passing week and we really like watching her continue on.

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance partnered with other contestant:

1] Ricky and Sasha – Style: Whacking                      Song “Schoolin Life
This is the first time this style has been done ever on SYTYCD and we must say it was interesting.  The dancers however seemed robotic in their movements during this routine.

2] Tadd and Melanie – Style: Broadway                     Song “Where Do I Begin”
This routine was danced very well by both dancers and the judges went “ga-ga” over Melanie, but remember that Tadd was way out of his style of “B-Boy” and held his own in this routine.

3] Marko and Caitlynn – Style: Jazz                            Song “Heavy In Your Arms”
This was a powerful dance routine and both dancers reflected the power in it.  We agree with the judges that Caitlynn had a “moment” tonight in this routine and it was he best ever this season.  Marko was his usual awesome and danced fearless.  Bravo!

Our top two best routines tonight
Sasha / Kent and Marko / Caitlynn

Tomorrow night will be the results from tonight and two dancers will be going home.

We have nothing else to report tonight except to say this has been one of the best seasons ever for SYTYCD.

See all of you out there in cyberland tomorrow for the results and we hope you voted for your favorite dancer.


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