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July 20, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 – Top 10 Performance

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge actor Neal Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser).

The contestants did two routines tonight one with an “All Star” as a partner and the other a solo routine.  The “Solo” routine will not be critiqued by the judges, only the partnered routine will be.  The “All Star” dancers are past competitors from previous seasons of SYTYCD.  It will be the same format as last season and we really liked that format.

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance (AS = All Star):

1] Marko an AS Chelsie – Style: Samba                     Song “Cinema Italiano”
“Wow” Marko was right there equaling Chelsie in this routine.  Marko looked like a professional in his technique and power dancing this rourine.  Good job.

2] Jordan and AS Brandon – Style: Contemporary                Song “Who You Are”
Again Jordan equaled her partner in this routine.  She had excellent technique, power, and energy.  Jordan “shined” in this routine.

3] Tadd and AS Comfort – Style: Hip-Hip                   Song “Look at Me Now”
We did not think the choreography was very good because it was mostly rapid hand movements.  We do agree with Nigel when he said, “Tadd out danced his partner”.

4] Mitchell and AS Melody – Style: Broadway Song “Take Off With Us”
Excellent technique by Mitchell in his execution of this routine, but we did not get the storyline at all.  The routine seemed fragmented and did not flow.

5] Caitlynn and AS Pasha – Style: Tango (Argentine)            Song “Malajunta”
Caitlynn danced this routine beautifully with excellent technique on a tough style of dance.  We also noticed that Caitlynn is growing with each passing week.

6] Sasha and AS “Twitch” – Style: Hip-Hop                Song “Misty Blue”
Are you kidding?  Sasha was completely out of her specialty and she danced great.  Sha had great technique, chemistry, and just plain “nailed” it.  Even more amazing Sasha equaled “Twitch” in this routine.  Bravo!  This was the best routine so far tonight.

7] Jess and AS Kathtyn – Style: Contemporary         Song “The Lonely”
Jess joked that Nigel had said his weakness is his lifts and tonight Jess was given a routine full of lifts.  Jess “nailed” every one of the lifts in this routine and showed us that even though his specialty is Broadway he could hold his own in other styles.  This was easily the best routine for Jess this season.

8] Melanie and AS Pasha – Style: Viennese Waltz                Song “Everybody Hurts”
Normally when the Viennese Waltz style is announced we think “Ho-Hum”, but not tonight.  Simple put this was beautifully danced.  The technique, flow of movement, chemistry, and visual was all there.  They told a story and we understood it.  Bravo!

9] Ricky and AS Allison – Style: Jazz             Song “Precious Thing”
The judges loved the choreography of this routine but we did not like it at all.  Ricky did a great job in the dance part and easily equaled his All tar partner.

10] Clarice and AS Robert – Style: Baliwood             Song “Aila Rea Aila”
As far as we are concerned when you get this style for a routine it is “The kiss of death”.  There have been very few Baliwood routines that we have liked and don’t understand why they keep trying it.  Clarice did a great job with the intricate movements and it was entertaining, but “ugh” on this style.

Our top two best routines tonight — Melanie / Pasha and Sasha / “Twitch”

Tomorrow night will be the results from tonight and two dancers will be going home.

We have nothing else to report except to report tonight.

See all of you out there in cyberland tomorrow for the results and we hope you voted for your favorite dancer.


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