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June 22, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 – Top 20 Performance Rerun

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge the legendary Debbie Reynolds.

Last week nobody was sent home after the Top 20 Performance so this week we are doing it again.  This week, however, two girls and two boys will be sent home after tonight’s performance.  We have to tell you that we are sure glad we are not judges this year because the talent level is so high.

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance:

1] Ricky and Ryan – Style: Jazz                     Song “Addicted To Love”
It was a pretty well danced routine but it did not seem to flow.  There were some good moves, but overall we did not like it.

2].Mitchell and Caitlynn – Style: Contemporary          Song “Turning Tables”
Because both dancers are in their specialty style we expected to be blown away and we were not.  It was danced very well and Caitlynn’s technique was outstanding as was Mitchell’s, but it did not knock our socks off..

3] Wadi and Missy – Style: Cha-Cha              Song ”Cannibal”
Both of the dancers were out of their specialty and Wadi did struggle a bit, but Missy was down right great with her technique and execution of the style.  The pair does have very good chemistry which always helps.

4] Nick and Iveta – Style: Balliwood    Song “Baawyre”
Balliwood is a style that is not our cup of tea, but we were sure entertained by this pair of dancers.  They had great energy and we had fun watching the routine.

5] Robert “Woo-Man” and Miranda – Style: Hip-Hop              Song “Break Ya Neck”
Robert was in his style and danced well and Miranda was out of her style and other than one slip danced like she was dancing Hip-hip as a specialty.

6] Jess and Clarice – Style: Contemporary    Song “Cathedrals”
This was our first “Wow” tonight.  This couple has great chemistry and the routine was beautifully danced by both dancers.

7] Tadd and Jordan – Style: Viennese Waltz             Song “Fade Into Me”
When we hear “Waltz” we think “Boring”, but tonight this pair made fans out of us.  We did not like these two dancers last week, but this week with both dancers were out of their specialty we were flat out blown away with how beautifully they danced this routine.  This was easily the best routine so far tonight.  Bravo!

8] Marko and Melanie – Style: Jazz                Song “Sing with Swing”
This was a Broadway like routine and the dancing was excellent by both dancers.  These two have great chemistry and it showed in the detailed movement required in this routine

9] Alexander and Sasha – Style: Hip-hop       Song “Coming Home”
This was another great performance by these two dancers and it struck some high emotions with Mary and Debbie.  We thought it was one of the best danced routines tonight and we were very entertained.

10] Chris and Ashley – Style: Broadway                    Song “Please Mr. Jailer”
Right off we have to say that in this routine a set of bars was required as part of the routine and this was the first time ever a prop was the “third” dancer so to speak. Chris and Ashley were outstanding in this routine and they danced it perfectly.  That was flat out awesome.  Bravo! Bravo!

Our top three routines tonight were Tadd / Jordan, Alexander / Sasha, and Chris / Ashley.

We have nothing else to report at this time except to say that the guest Judge Debbie Reynolds was the best guest judge in all of the seasons we have watched this show.  She was simply delightful with all of her comments and we think she should be invited back sometime soon.

Tomorrow night will be the results from tonight and four dancers will be going home.  See all of you out there in cyberland tomorrow and we hope you voted for your favorite dancer.


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