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June 21, 2011

America’s Got Talent 2011 – Atlanta Auditions

 Tonight was once again and entertaining evening onAmerica’s Got Talent.  The judges were Piers, Howie, and Sharon.

This is a show that we find very interesting because it is a variety show, not just singers or dancers, but a slew of different talents.  In fact, some of the talents come as a total surprise.  We are constantly amazed at what talent the people that appear on this show have and in many cases, pursuing as their dream.  Some are of course, are not so good, but then there are some we just want to see more of.  The prize for winning this show is one million dollars.  When we are watching, we always keep in mind whether or not the act would be one that if we went to Vegas we would want to go see the performance.

Tonight each act is performing to get an approval from the judges and get a ticket to Vegas for the finals.

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance:

1] Hershae – Dancing and impressions by a Drag Queen
Well folks, we have to tell you that the performance was very entertaining and we were completely surprised as to how good it was.
YES to Vegas

2] The Fiddle Head Band
Not bad
YES to Vegas

3] DJ Face – a 6 year old Disc Jockey
YES to Vegas

4] Attack Dance Group
The Attach Dance group stated that they were doing a new style of dance called “Drilling”.  Overall this was very entertaining and the precision among the group along with the “tricks” was very good.
YES to Vegas

5] Robo Mike

6] Mr Shake it Up
Mr Shake it up danced badly.

7] Captain and Mabelle – The Captain swallows coat hangers and other stuff.
This routine was amazing in an odd way.  We have seen sword swallowers but it never dawned on us that other things could be swallowed.  The Captain pointed out that not only swords can be swallowed.  The audience loved the routine.
YES to Vegas

8] Armand and Angelina
This couple did a Rock Opera version of the song “My Heart Goes On”, the theme from the movie “Titanic”.  We completely agree with Howie when he said, “This routine was so strange we want to see more.”
YES to Vegas

9] Anna Graceman >>>> The best performance of tonight
Anna is an eleven year old fromAlaskathat announced she was singing an Alicia Keys song “If I Got You”.  She was great!  No “ifs”, “ands” or “buts”, this eleven year old can sing.  She is also on “Facebook”, “Twitter” and has some videos on “” if you are interested.
YES to Vegas

We have nothing else to report at this time except to remind all of you out there in cyberland that tomorrow night is “So you Think You Can Dance Top 20 Performance” re-run again.  Yes folks, because last week the judges did not send any one home, so they are doing the Top Twenty again except this week four dancers will be going home, two girls and two boys.


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  1. incredible talent! just check out her youtube! type in annagracemusic or google anna graceman.

    Comment by tim sosafz — June 23, 2011 @ 11:01 pm | Reply

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