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June 16, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 – Top 20 Performance

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, and guest judge Megan M.

Tonight starts the regular season 8 performance series and the audience voting begins.  Tomorrow night the bottom three boys and girls will dance for the judges.  The judges will then who goes home for one boy and one girl.

Tonight’s highlights in order of performance:

1] Tadd and Jordan – Style: African Jazz       Song “Riding the Waves”
The routine was a “so-so” performance.  Tadd made some partnering mistakes, but Jordon was very good.

2] Alexander and Sasha – Style: Contemporary        Song “Stupid”
This routine proved that dancers need chemistry.  The chemistry was missing and the routine did not flow cleanly.  Sasha did show the she has great technique with Alexander having some issue with partnering skills.

3] Jess and Clarice – Style: Broadway           Song “Me and My Baby”
We are not huge fans of the Broadway Style, but this was an excellent performance by both dancers.  The style is Jess’s specialty and he was perfect.

4] Ricky and Ryan – Style: Hip-Hop                Song “Ain’t No Sunshine”
The dancing in this routine was excellent by both dancers.

5] Mitchell and Caitlynn – Style: Jazz          Song “In for the Kill”
It was reported that Mitchell was injured and Robert from Season three replaced hime as Caitlynn’s partner tonight.
This was our first “Wow” tonight.  The routine was danced with great technique and power by Caitlynn and Robert.  We were impressed because the two dancers only had a short time tom practice and they pulled off a great performance.

6] Robert “Woo-Man” and Miranda – Style: Latin       Song “Runaway Baby”
This was a fast paced routine and there were some minor flaws, but overall both dancers pulled it off with an impressive performance

7] Wadi and Missy – Style: Jazz         Song “Judas”
This was by far the best performance so far tonight.  Both dancers were awesome in all areas including technique and entertainment.

8] Marko and Melanie – Stlye: Contemporary Song “Turn to Stone”
In this routine both dancers were in their specialty so we expected them to absolutely “kill” this routine and they did.  This was out second “wow” performance of the night.

9] Chris and Ashley – Style: Hip-Hop              Song “Forget You”
Ashley was outstanding and the “star” of the routine.  Chris was just okay.

10] Nick and Iveta – Style: Ballroom   Song “Ballroom Blitz”
You have to remember that Iveta is a champion when it comes to Ballroom and she showed her championship level dancing.  However Nick’s specialty is Tap and he showed he was equal to Iveta in this routine.  This was a very nice surprise and we say “bravo” to Nick.

We have nothing to report at this time except to throw a shout out to Brandon C. and “Diver” Dan and just give a great big “howdy guys”!

For more information about SYTYCD  click here


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