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June 8, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 – Vegas Week Part #1

The tickets to Vegas have all been given out at the auditions and new the dancers begin “Hell” Week.  160 Dancers started this week and when it’s all over the Top 20 will have been chosen.

Judging tonight were Nigel, Mary, Tyce, Robin with special guest judges Debbie Allen and Adam Shankman.

Tonight is usually a blur for the viewing audience.  Three days of intense dancing is compacted in to two hours counting the commercials.

The dancers started with a solo performance to show off what get them to this point.  114 Dancers were left after the solos.

Then there were five rounds of specific styles:  Round 1 Hip-Hop, 2 Broadway, 3 Ballroom, 4 Group (Random styles), and finally 5 Contemporary.  This covered Day 1 through Day 3 finally ending up with 31 dancers making it through all the rounds.

Tomorrow night the Top 20 will be chosen and the season will officially begin.

There were many surprises tonight along with some really inspirational stories, one of which we followed and that was the two sisters, Sasha and Natalie from the LA Auditions.  We started tonight wondering of both of these dancers would make it through to the end of tonight episode.  It proved to be a real challenge for Natalia.  Late night on Day 2 during the rehearsal for Round 4, she experienced dizzy spells and the medics had to give her some attention.  She made it through the Group Round, but then she was sent to the hospital before starting the final round and missed the performance.  Sasha made it through and we all waited.  When Natalie came back we found out that they found she had diabetes, but since the week was coming to an end, was cleared to continue dancing.  Nigel told her that she had a free pass for missing the contemporary round and was still in the competition.  There were others who fought through injuries and completed round 5, but to us Natalia has been a constant inspiration though out this season. “Bravo” we say to her.

Another great story was Derion “D.C.” #20491 – B-Boy also from the LA Auditions.  D.C. made through round 4 and was being cut after round 5.  D.C. said he wanted to continue and not go home yet.  Then Debbie Allen stepped up and told D.C. that if he was willing to come back next year she would make sure additional dance lessons would be provided to him so he could return.  We think that Debbie is a standup lady and an inspiration to many.

Tomorrow night the remaining 31 dancers will start with solos and the judges will pick this years Top 20 and the official season 6 will begin.

We have nothing else to report at this time.

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