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June 1, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 – Salt Lake City, UT. / New York City

This is the second episode of this season and already it looks to be a great season.

This year Nigel Lithgoe and Mary Murphy (Welcome back Mary) will be the two resident judges.  Then each week a guest judge will be invited on the show.  The guest list includes Tyce Diorio, Robin Antin, Lil’C, Toni Redpath, and Jason Gilkison.

The auditions for SYTYCD have the dancers competing for a “Ticket to Vegas Week”.  Of course a “No” and the dancer is not going anywhere.  If the dancer gets a “Yes” by two of the judge’s then dancer get the “Ticket to Vegas Week”.  If the dancer gets a “Yes to choreography” the dancer waits until the end of that day and then shows they can quickly learn and execute a new routine.  Then they get judged again and the judges decide either a “yes” or “no”.

Tonight’s Highlights:

Day 1 Salt Lake City – The judges are Nigel, Mary, and Robin.

1] Devon #7026 and Micah #6109 – Steppers Style
The two dancers did a routine together and we thoroughly enjoyed the performance.
YES to choreography
Devon —  YES to Vegas
Micah – NO to Vegas

2] China Smith #6100 – Contemporary
A very different routine that kept our attention and we wanted more.
YES to Vegas

3] Annie Gratton #8328 – Contemporary / Jazz
Annie had some great energy along with awesome technique.
YES to Vegas and then the judges asked Annie to dance with her Dad because they have never danced together before.  Dad had some great moves also as he showed off a bit.

4] Tadd #6129 – B-Boy
Not much dancing, mostly tricks, but very entertaining.
YES to Vegas

5] Samantha Hiller #5382 – Contemporary (Is currently suffering from Amnesia)
Very good stage presence and a very nice routine.  We agree with the judges when they say she has good potential to grow.
YES to choreography — NO to Vegas

Day 2 Salt Lake City

6] Chase Thomas #6346 – Contemporary
One of the most beautifully danced routines we have seen is a long time. Bravo!
YES to Vegas

7] Brittany Starr #5728 — Hip-Hop? (Claims to be the daughter of the “real” Ringo Starr)
Not very good at all.

Day 1 New York City Judges are Nigel, Mary, and Jason

8] Samara #17740 – Whacking (Stlye)
The routine was mostly arm and hand movements with some dance moves and very entertaining.  We enjoyed the originality and overall the entire performance.
YES to Vegas

9] Brandon Jones #17313 – Contemporary / Lyrical
A great routine danced with technique and power.
YES to Vegas

10] Brian Henry #17580 – Crumper
We did not like the overall routine very much but the judges did.
YES to choreography — YES to Vegas

11] Mary Kate Sheehan #17417 – Irish Step Dancing
We really enjoyed the routine.  We were amazed how easy she made the dancing look, especially when she was moving across the stage.  We agree with Nigel when he said, “It was a pleasure to watch”.
YES to choreography — YES to Vegas

12] Lil “O” #17444 – B-Boy
This routine had some really great and original moves along with being entertaining.
YES to Vegas

Day 2 New Your City

13] Jess #17326 – Jazz (We thought it looked more like Broadway)
Jess had excellent performance and technique, but the judges thought he need more connection with the audience.
YES to choreography — YES to Vegas

14] Kristen Dobson #17579 – Ballroom
Kristen has only been dancing Ballroom three years and we were thoroughly entertained along with her showing very good technique.
YES to choreography — YES to Vegas

15] Robert “The Woo-man” Taylor, Jr. #17170 – Hip-Hop
Another routine with some great moves put together with a great personality.  Bravo!
YES to Vegas

We have nothing else to report at this time except to remind you all out there in cyberland that tomorrow night will be Los Angeles Auditions.


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