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May 26, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Premier Season 8 – Atlanta, GA / San Francisco CA.

 Last night was the final of American Idol on FOX and tonight is the premier of our favorite Dance / Music Show where the contestants are following their dreams.  The shows are similar, but we like the format of SYTYCD much better than American Idol, because both the audience and the judges has something to say as to who goes home on later episodes.  On American Idol the judges don’t decide who stays and who goes after the auditions in Los Angeles are over, other than giving their opinions about the contestants performance each week .  The only exception is they can “save” a contestant that gets voted off, but then that’s about it.

From the get go on SYTYCD the judges decide who will be on this years show as part of the top twenty.  Once the top twenty is chosen the audience votes and the bottom three vote getters for the boys and girls dance a solo for the judges.  Then the judges decide who goes home.   We like this format about 1,000% better than American Idol.

Last year was an amazing season and after watching some of the videos on the web site promoting this year, it looks like this year might even be better.  We are constantly amazed how these dancers can move, not only in their own style, but when the competition starts, other styles.  There have been many past performances when the dancer’s connection with the viewing audience just plain touched us and this is something that we find awesome.

This year Nigel Lithgoe and Mary Murphy (Welcome back Mary) will be the two resident judges.  Then each week a guest judge will be invited on the show.  The guest list includes Tyce Diorio, Robin Antin, Lil’C, Toni Redpath, and Jason Gilkison.

The auditions for SYTYCD have the dancers competing for a “Ticket to Vegas Week”.  Of course a “No” and the dancer is not going anywhere.  If the dancer gets a “Yes” by two of the judge’s then dancer get the “Ticket to Vegas Week”.  If the dancer gets a “Yes to choreography” the dancer waits until the end of that day and then shows they can quickly learn and execute a new routine.  Then they get judged again and the judges decide either a “yes” or “no”.

Tonight’s Highlights:

Day 1 Atlanta – The judges are Nigel, Mary, and Tyce.

1] Bianka – Columbian Salsa
Excellent fast footwork and a good routine
Yes to the choreography round.  Then YES to Vegas.

2] Melanie Moore – Contemporary
This was one of those moments where the dancer put on an awesome dance performance.  Just saying this was beautiful would be an under statement.  If Melanie keeps dancing like this a Top 20 is a for sure.  Bravo !
YES to Vegas

3] Deon #3116 and Damon #3115 – Hip-Hop
These guys danced a very entertaining and original routine.
YES to Vegas

4] Marko Germar #3135– Contemporary
Very good dance performance with some great moves.
Yes to the choreography round.  Then YES to Vegas.

Day 2 Atlanta – The judges are Nigel, Mary, and Tyce.

5] Kimberlee Piedad #37?? – Contemporary
Excellent dance routine.
YES to Vegas

6] John “white Chocolate”Palermo#3050 – Hip-Hop
Not a very good dancer, but we did like his shirt that said “Give Peace a Chance”.

7] Kyre Walker #3579 – Hip-Hop
Was just an okay performance
Yes to the choreography round.  Then NO to Vegas.

Day 1 San Francisco – The Judges are Nigel, Tyce, and Toni

8] Amber Williams #5152 – Contemporary
Another awesome routine with excellent moves, stage presence, and you can throw in a great personality.  Look for her to be a possible Top 20 contender.
YES to Vegas.

9] Timothy Joseph #5186 – B-Boy
This dancer had some great moves.
Yes to the choreography round but had to leave because of an injured knee.

10] Ieshia Moss #5244 – Freestyle

11] Marcos Prieto – Freestyle
NO, but had on one of the brightest shirts we have ever seen.

12] Danielle Ihle #5003 – Contemporary
Great dance routine and a dancer that will probably grow during the season.
Yes to the choreography round.  Then YES to Vegas.

13] Ashley Rich #7009 – Contemporary
This was another beautiful dancer with excellent moves and a great personality.
YES to Vegas

14] D’On-Que #5267 —  Style unknown

Day 2 San Francisco – The Judges are Nigel, Tyce, and Toni

15] Jeffery McCann #5193 – B-Boy
This was our first “WOW”!  This dancer had some “crazy” great moves and was one of the best “B-Boy” dancers we have seen.

16] Ryan Ramirez #5010 – Contemporary
Ryan came up short of the Top 20 last season and has improved since then. She is a beautiful dancer that should make the Top 20 this year.

17] Levi “I Dummy” #5493 – Turfing (A unique San Francisco B-Boy Style)
This moves in this routine were really great.  We enjoyed this routine very much.
Yes to the choreography round.  Then NO to Vegas

We have nothing else to report at this time except to remind you all out there in cyberland that next weeks auditions will be in Salt Lake City and New York City.

It sure is looking like another great season.  We are very excited 🙂

For more information on SYTYCD < Click Here >


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