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May 4, 2011

American Idol Season 10 – Top 5 Performance

Tonight the contestants are singing two songs.  The theme for the first song is something current and the second song is from “back in the day”.

The judges, Randy, Steven, and J-Lo, will only give their opinion after each performance.  The decision is up to the viewing audience based on the vote getting power of each contestant.   Cheryl Crowe joined Jimmy Iovine as mentors this week and we must say that Cheryl was one of the best mentors this season.

Tonight AAN invited Jojo to once again be a judge tonight.

Here are the tonight’s performances in order of appearance:

Round One — Current

1] James Durbin — Song: “Closer To the Edge”
Not his best performance, but once again James showed his great entertainer qualities.
Jojo – Disappointed

2] Jacob Lusk — Song: “No Air”
Jacob choose a song for a duet, which made it that much tougher to sing.  His vocals were very good in this choice.
Jojo – Excellent!

3] Lauren Alaina – Song: “Flat On the Floor”
A safe song choice with some risk and one of Lauren’s best performances.  Much better than last week.
Jojo – Best performance to date (quality wise)

4] Scotty McCreery – Song: “Gone”
This was the best performance of round one.  Scotty pulled off one of his best performances this season.  He really had this audience wanting more.
Jojo – Best of the night.

5] Haley Reinhart – “You and I”
We thought this was a weird song choice of a Lady Gaga song that has not been released and is only sung in concerts.  Haley started slow but ended with a pretty good overall performance.
Jojo – Something about “Not so great”

Round Two – Back in the Day

1] James Durbin – Song: “Without You”
A perfect song choice sung with emotion and it was beautiful.
Jojo – Beautiful

2] Jacob Lusk – Song: “Love Hurts”
A perfect song choice and the vocals were a “wow”!  The vocal range Jacob showed can only be described as “Out of this world”.
Jojo – Amazingly great!  Best of the nite.

3] Lauren Alaina – Song: “Unchained Melody”
A pretty good performance, but it did not show anything new or risky.
Jojo – Star quality.

4] Scotty McCreery – Song: “Always on My Mind”
Scotty slowed it down with a very good performance of this classic ballad.  He also showed how well rounded he is vocally and as an artist
Jojo – Very Good!

5] Haley Reinhart – Song: “House of the Rising Sun”
Finally!  This song choice and arrangement gave Haley had her “moment”.  The performance was perfect in all ways and just plain “blew us away”.  Bravo!
Jojo – Best performance ever.

Best Performance Round One (Current) Tonight

Best Performance Round Two (Back in the day) Tonight


Jojo’s picks for tomorrow nights bottom three are Haley, Jacob, and Lauren.

We have nothing else to report other than to remind you to cast your vote for your favorite or they may not make it.

See you tomorrow night and thank you for your on going support.


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