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April 6, 2011

American Idol Season 10 – Top 9 Performance

The theme tonight was “Rock and Roll” Hall of Fame songs.  The contestants were assisted be several music producers on the arrangement of each song and guest singer from The Black Eyed Peas, Will I. AM.

The judges, Randy, Steven, and J-Lo, will only give their opinion after each performance.  The decision is up to the viewing audience based on the vote getting power of each contestant.

Tonight AAN invited Jojo to be a judge

Here are the tonight’s performances in order of appearance:

1] Jacob Lusk – Song: “Man in the mirror”
Another great vocal performance and we think the audience connection was spot on.  What we like most is that Jacob really gets in to the song each week and this week also.
Jojo – Good Job

2] Haley Reinhart – “Piece of my heart”
The song choice was a classic Janis Joplin song and Haley nailed it with her best ever performance this season.
Jojo – Best Janis I’ve seen on American Idol.

3] Casey Abrams – Song: “Have you ever seen the rain”
The arrangement was excellent for this song choice and Casey has seemed to tone down his performance, but in a good way.  His vocals showed much greater range with the soft touch at the end.
Jojo – Should have gone with Sting but, did a good job.

4] Lauren Alaina – Song: “Natural Woman”
This was a safe song choice and we thought the performance was to karaoke.
Jojo – Not the right song choice IMO.

5] James Durbin – Song: “While my guitar gently weeps”
Perfect song choice.  Perfect vocals.  Perfect arrangement, and a perfect performance with tons of emotion and audience connection.  James took a great song and made it better.  Bravo!
Jojo – Perfectly touching

6] Scotty McCreery – Song: “Thats alright Mama”
Scotty threw the country style out the window and went with an Elvis classic.  Scotty completely surprised us with a great rock performance and we think Elvis would have been proud of this performance.
Jojo – Best Elvis I’ve heard since Elvis.

7] Pia Toscano – Song: “River deep mountain high”
This week Pia stepped away from the ballads and did a Tina Turner classic.  The vocals were, as usual, spot on with an arrangement made the song “her own”.   We do agree with the judges when they said, “you need to move around more on an upbeat song.”  She did walk around the stage as she sang, but the rhythm was missing.
Jojo – Excellent!

8] Stefano Langone – Song: “When a man loves a woman”
The connection once again seemed to be missing even though the vocals were pretty good.
Jojo – Better than I expected.

9] Paul McDonald – Song: “Folsom prison blues”
We thought this was an od song choice and the performance seemed rushed in many ways.  The performance did not come across as connected.
Jojo – Mildly Disappointed – (Rod Steward would have been better IMO)

Jojo’s picks to leave are first choice Lauren and second choice Stefano.

Best Performance Tonight

We have nothing else to report except tomorrow night will be the results show.

See you tomorrow night and thank you for your on going support


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