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February 15, 2011

Applewood Pizza – “To Go” and Restaurant in Menlo Park, CA

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Pizza is a food that we have found to be available in every town we have ever visited throughout this great country.  We do like a good pizza, but we found the home delivery pizza sometimes questionable.  There have been some “yuck” ones from some of the locals in whatever city we may have been visiting.

When it comes to the best pizza we have ever tasted there is only one – Applewood Pizza in Menlo Park California.  Yes, Menlo Park California, not Chicago, not New York City, or Philadelphia.  We were as surprised as could be when we found this pizza even better than Uno’s in Chicago.  The cool thing about Applewood is you can go take the family to their restaurant and have an enjoyable sit down meal or if you wish to eat at home, call Applewood “To Go” and either pick it up or have it delivered.  The “To Go” is right across the street from the restaurant.  You could even Fax in your “to go” order or go to their web site and place an order.  <Click Here for Applewood>

Now some might call their pizza gourmet because of the variety of special toppings they provide, but you can get anything you wish and even experiment with some of your favorite choices.  Another thing that makes it our favorite is the pizza sauce and we know that any topping we get on the pizza is fresh from the market. If you go and pick up an order be sure to watch the pizza guy when he takes the pizza out of the oven.  He dabs the pizza with a paper towel to take off the excess olive oil they cook with.  How many times have you had a pizza delivered and it like eating a grease ball?  Not a pizza from Applewood!

We especially like Anchovies on our pizza and this seems to be a topping that fewer and fewer other pizza “joints” no longer offer as a topping.  Not at Applewood!  You order anchovies as one of the toppings and you get it.

We have nothing else to report except that we are now dialing the Applewood “To go” and placing an order.  It will be ready in twenty minutes giving us just enough time to post this and be on our way to pick it up.  Hope to see you there!


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