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February 10, 2011

American Idol Season 10 – Hollywood Week Round One

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Tonight starts with round one of Hollywood Week.  The starting 327 contestants tonight will get their one shot to move on to round 2 next week.  Yes that is one shot, no second chances tonight.

We at AAN have seen many Hollywood Weeks and the first round is usually about how each contestant handles the pressure.  Many of these contestants have never sung in front of a live audience and there where many with the jittery nerves.  Caving in to the pressure also caused many to forget the words to a song or sing off key.

Because tonight was mainly a stream of short blurbs about some of the contestants this is a quick summary of many of the “yes’” votes and some of the “no” votes.  The “yes” votes move on to round 2.  The contestants came out in groups of ten and then were chosen from each group of ten.

Brett #31552, Rachael, Thia, Casey, James #50800, Paris, Lauren, Chris #68817, Hollie, Jaycee #36823, Robbie, Rob, Chelsee, Jaqueline #22955, Scotty #68524, Jackie, Jerome, and Tiffany #61239.

Victoria Huggins #62183, Stormi #7529, Steve #69057, Nick #22965, and Travis #52649.

Next week will start round two and that is the “dreaded” group round.

We have nothing else to report except to remind the remaining contestants two of Simon Cowell’s basic rules, “Pick the right song” and “Don’t forget the words”.


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