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February 9, 2011

American Idol 2011 Season 10 – San Francisco Audition

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Tonight is the last audition show and it proved to a very good one after last weeks “waste of time” show.  The format seemed to change back to the “Yes” contestants instead of highlighting the judges and the “NO” contestants.  We like this format much better.

Tonight AAN invited Gabrielle (5 year old grand daughter), Jojo, Andrew, and Jenna to be judges and to please rate each contestant on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating.  Gabrielle elected to use “X” for did not like and “*” for like. (Comments optional).

Here are the contestant performances in the order of appearance:

1] Inessa #46449 (Very confident)
We thought her vocals were so-so, very off tune.
Jojo – 0
Gabrielle – XXXXXX
Andrew – 2 – Give her a 2 on vocals and a 4 on her moves
NO to Hollywood

2] Stefano #40560 (Had a life changing accident)
We thought the vocals were very good and with a good arrangement.
Jojo – 10 — Excellent
Gabrielle – *******
Jojo – 5 – Good Voice
Andrew – 5 – Good voice.
Jenna – 6
YES to Hollywood

3] Clint #51021
We thought his vocals were so-so but he does have potential.
Jojo – 5 – Good voice
Gabrielle – ***********
Jenna – 6
Andrew – 2 – ruined the song
YES to Hollywood

4] Drew #47238 (Wearing a Transformer outfit)
His vocals were not very good but the outfit he was wearing was so creative we were amazed.  He said he made the outfit and it was a red Ford Mustang Transformer.  When he transformed in to the car it actually looked like a mini-mustang and moved like a mini-car.  Ford Motor Company should latch on to Drew and do some commercials.
Jojo – 0 – On vocals – 10 for a job in Silicon Valley
Jenna – 1 – Vocals – 1 for the costume
NO to Hollywood

5] Julie #48841 (From Columbia originally)
Very good vocals and she has “the look” along with a great story.
Jojo – 10_ — Winner this year or close to it.
Gabrielle — *****
Jenna — 10
Andrew – 9 – Great voice
YES to Hollywood

6] Dave #38164 (Rocker)
Not very good at all
Jojo – 2 – Think he should have tried country
Andrew – 3 – 3 for the hair
NO to Hollywood

7] Emily #42527 (House burned down recently)
We thought she has a very interesting voice, very different than anything we have heard this year.  We second song was a “Wow!”
Jojo – 5 – Need to see more – 8 – on 2nd song
Gabrielle — ***********
Andrew – 7 – Classic sound
YES to Hollywood

8] James from Santa Cruz CA and a great story about overcoming adversity.
We may have missed his number but this was a “Wow! Wow! Wow!”  James has an amazing voice and his vocal range is “crazy” to quote Randy. James is one of the best voices we have heard this year.  This is a top ten or maybe even winner this year.
Jojo – 10 +++ — Adam Lambert revisited – but better!
Gabrielle — ***********
Andrew – 8 – Great voice, bad appearance.
YES to Hollywood

We have nothing else to report except to once again thank Gabrielle, Jojo, Andrew, and Jenna for joining the AAN panel again tonight.

Okay folks this was the last audition show this year and tomorrow night is the start of “Hollywood Week”,  This is where the contestants either shine or go back home.  This week is always very interesting and exciting.


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