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February 2, 2011

American Idol 2011 Season 10 – Ausitn, TX Audition

To our surprise the show opened with an apology for Steven Tyler’s outrageous behavior last week.

Tonight AAN invited Gabrielle (5 year old grand daughter), and Jojo to be judges and to please rate each contestant on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating.  Gabrielle elected to use “X” for did not like and “*” for like. (Comments optional).

Here are the contestant performances in the order of appearance:

1] Corey #24302
Pretty good vocals to kick off the show
Jojo – 6 – Could use more work.
Gabrielle – *******
YES to Hollywood

2] Hollie #21244 (Very nervous)
The first song has fairly good vocals and the second song was much better.
Jojo – 6 – Great potential.
Gabrielle – *******
YES to Hollywood

3] Rodolfo #17637
NO to Hollywood

4] John Wayne #13145 (A real cowboy)
Our first “WOW!” Tonight.  Not only did John have great country vocals he has a realness about him.  Very nice spirit.
Jojo – 10 – All the way to the finals.
Gabrielle – ********
YES to Hollywood

5] Courtney #24913 (Totally in love with Ryan Seacrest)
Pretty good vocals, but needs some work.
Jojo – 8 – Needs some work on the weak notes.
Gabrielle — XXXXX
YES to Hollywood

6] Jacqueline #22955
So-so vocals
Jojo – 3
Gabrielle — **********
YES to Hollywood

7] Nick (Nick and #6 Jacqueline are a couple)
Pretty good vocals we really like this audition.
Jojo – 8 – Very talented.  Reminded of Sinatra.
Gabrielle — XXXXXXXX
YES to Hollywood

8] Janelle #25053
Another pretty good vocals and it was a good audition.
Jojo – 10 – Excellent! Going to the finals.
YES to Hollywood

9] Casey #22808
The last contestant tonight and our second “Wow”!  Good blues style and did an excellent Ray Charles song.
Jojo – 10 – Excellent
Gabrielle — **********
YES to Hollywood

We have nothing else to report except to once again thank Gabrielle, and Jojo for joining the AAN panel again tonight.

Steven Tyler’s “American Idol Icon over the mouth” score this week is 2.  J-Lo was one.  Contestants receiving a “NO to Hollwood” to many to count.

Next audition show will be in Hollywood – Tomorrow night.


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