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February 1, 2011

Extreme Makeover – “Remember Alex Brown” Follow-up

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We here at AAN had a huge response to our posting yesterday about the Extreme Makeover episode on “Remember Alex Brown”.  Several folks had some questions about the finger rings and were asking for more information on this issue.  

 The posting was mainly to inform the readers about the texting while driving issue we have here in the US.  If you wish to receive more information about Alex Brown please click on the Remember Alex Brown image below and it will take you directly to the web site.  They have set up a “Tweeter” and “Facebook” accounts for the public to be able to following with the latest news.  We are watching both also.

 After posting this story we at AAN did some research on the text / diving issue focused on last Sunday on the Extreme Makeover show.  We found a web-site that provides tons of information including a state by state list of which states have laws specifically about texting while driving.  <Click here for details> Too our amazement we found that there are several states that do not even have laws that address this issue.  One state in particular that is mentioned on the web-site is Pennsylvania and they have some pretty good statics quoted for cell phone accidents overall for that state.

As we continued with our research we found that this does not seem to be a state issue, but it’s a national issue and that leaving it up to each state to make its own laws does not seem to be the answer.  Making folks aware of the issue is one thing, but coming up with a solution seems to be the way to go.

 In this day and age of technology we would think that if the folks in Washington would draft a law that puts the mobile providers like Verizion, A.T.& T., Motorola, etc and the automakers get together and create an electronic device that would be embedded in the floor board under the driver seat.  The electronic device would need to be in a case that would prevent anyone from disabling it.  What the electronic device would do is sense when the vehicles engine was running and “jam” or disable any cell phone or mobile device used for communications in use within three feet of the driver’s seat.  This electronic device is probably already out there.  We say this because it has been our experience when we were in public places like court houses, hospitals, etc. where they have posted signs that cells phone use was prohibited and if we attempted to use our cell phone we would get “No Signal!”.  We think it just a matter to get the automakers to put these types of devices in the cars and trucks.  This would take the burden off of each state or local government and even more, let the police departments all over the country chase some bad guys instead of looking for texting divers cruising down the highway.

  We have nothing else to report at this time, but we will continue to follow this story.


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