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January 29, 2011

Organic Food Trend

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About four years ago everyone in this house began eating organic.  I resisted because back then my main food items were Quarter Pounder’s with Cheese, Cheeto’s, Milk Dud’s, and every time I got back to the Midwest I headed straight for a White Castle for a dozen “sliders”.  I liked the junk food, but the other folks in this house were bent on organic.  Slowly they converted me. 


Now I actually like organic foods even though I really don’t understand how meat can be organic.  Vegetables I understand them being grown without chemicals, but meats, I don’t get it. I must admit when the entire meal is organic it sure tastes good and I do feel better these days.  I do still have one non-organic item that I still take part in and that’s Starbuck’s Coffee.  I drink it 24/7 except when I get a craving for Gatorade.  And of course, I still get cravings for Quarter Pounders with Cheese, but I don’t say anything.  What I do is sneak out and head straight for MacDonald’s and indulge my eternal craving for the chemical laden meat. To this day nothing compares the a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Super Size Fries, and a Chocolate Shake from Mac Donald’s. (I am getting a craving just thinking about it).


 It looks like the trend is really catching on since Mrs. President started that garden behind the whit house.  Everywhere you look its organic this and organic that.  I think it’s a good thing for people to eat healthy especially with the reported obesity problems we have in this country.


 Just a few minutes ago during my craving for a Quarter Pounder, a MacDonald’s commercial played on TV, highlighting a special deal for fries purchased with a Quarter Pounder.  I take that as a sign from the universe and I am going to sneak out and take them up on that special.  (I can almost taste it.)


 Nothing organic compares to a quarter pounder with fries.


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