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January 24, 2011

The Valentine’s Day “Guardian”

All the guardiansOur grand daughter Gabrielle (5 years old) is the family artist.  She usually makes pictures and cards for all occasions.  Gabrielle has so many friends and family that when a holiday is up coming she starts making cards weeks in advance.  What usually happens is when the holiday is a few days away we seem to have cards missing?  Then the house search begins to find the missing cards.

  With Valentine’s Day approaching Gabrielle has come up with a great solution to keep the cards in one place and in order.  Gabrielle calls it her “Guardian” and the best thing about it is, it’s a way to recycle paper boxes.  The bonus is the whole family can do it together as a project. This years “Gardians” were made by Gabrielle and Andrew.

  All you need is an empty tissue box, the size does not matter.  (We had plenty of these around because someone always seems to have a cold around here)  Then get some construction paper, markers / pens / crayons, scissors, and glue or tape.  The opening in the tissue box is where the valentine will be inserted, so you start creating around the slot.  The picture in the upper left corner are some of the “Guardians” we have created.  Below are pictures of each “Gaurdian” individually. We have a Tiger (by Andrew), Alien (by Gabrielle), Butterfly (by Gabrielle), Rose (by Gabrielle), Whale (by Gabrielle and Andrew), Wizard (by Andrew), and Croc (by Andrew).

  Now when a valentine is completed it will be placed in the “Guardian” for safe keeping and easy access when they are going to be sent or presented to the friend or relative.

 We have nothing else to report except to ask if any of you folks out there is cyberland have a great idea,  If you do, please leave a comment describing the idea and we will post it as a blog at a later date.  If the comment box is too small, please leave an email address that you can be reached with a short description of the idea.


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