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January 13, 2011

WordPress Spam Issue

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 We really like using WordPress for our blog and we would recommend it to anyone planning or starting a blog site.  We have been on WordPress about one and one half years and this after trying several other sites. 

  Up until this year we have been averaging about 50 spam comments per month. If you use WordPress you know that “Akismet” is the spam blocker and up until this year it has been performing very nicely.  Then late December2010 something must have happened or changed at WordPress.  We went from an average 50 spam per month to 2,504 spam comments this month to date alone. It started December 24 when we received 352 spam messages in one day. 

  I put in a WordPress support message asking about this and all they said, “Settings do change.  Just click the check for spam button.”.  Well I have to tell you that we simply don’t have time to look at all the spam messages and we regret this because we appreciate any comment one of our readers and of a valid comment gets caught up in the spam, it will now get removed.  We have to now click the “removed all spam” button when the count is over 100. 

  Maybe because we are just a little blog site not getting a huge amount of traffic WordPress kind of overlooks the smaller sites.  We don’t know, but when we first looked at the spam comments it looked like it was being generated by some sort of program.  There were several comments with the same name and address, but the body was different each time.  Then there were some with the same name, address, and message body, but the site was different. 

  We have nothing else to add at this time because we are busy deleting spam messages.  If anyone out there in cyberland has a solution, please let us know. (Hopefully your comment will not go in the spam folder).


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