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August 11, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance — Season 7 Top 3 Final Performances

Tonight the dancers will also be dancing four routines and a solo tonight.

 The judges tonight are Nigel Lithgoe, Adam Shankman, and Mia Michaels.

 This is the final performance week for Loren, Kent, and Robert.  They need to be great tonight to have a shot at winning Season 7.  The viewing audience will decide and the announcement will be tomorrow night.

 Here are tonight’s highlights in order of performance (AS = All Star):

 1] Kent Boyd and (AS) Lauren – Style: Balliwood , Song: “Om Mangalam”
“Wow!”  We are not huge fans of this style, but we really enjoyed this routine.  Kent absolutely “nailed” it.  Great energy and some pretty snappy moves for this style.

2] Loren Froderman and (AS) Twitch – Style: Hip-Hop, Song: “Power”
Another “Wow!”  We have never seen any female dancer do three back flips on this show and Loren really “brought it” tonight. She showed how Hip-Hop should be danced and she did it with power.  We agree with Adam when he said, “You are one of my favorite female dancers ever on this show.”  Bravo!

3] Robert Rolden and (AS) Mark – Style: Jazz, Song: “Whip it”
And another “Wow!”  That was an incredible routine and the dancing was great.  The energy was at a high level and the movement was perfect.  The entertainment level was high on our list.

4] Loren Froderman and Robert – Style: Contemporary, Song: “That Home”
Oaky folks! That was danced great.  It’s really hard to dance with a prop (Pillow) and they did it great.  The moves were amazing.  We are constantly amazed how these dancers can move like they do.  The power, the movement, the energy made this really entertaining.

5] Loren Froderman and Kent – Style: Jazz, Song: “Hip to be square”
That was another really enjoyable routine.  The dancers looked to be having fun and we right there with them.  We wanted more.

6] Kent Boyd and (AS) Allison – Style: Contemporary, Song: “Sundrenched World”
All we can say is that was beautifully danced.  We were really “into” the dancing and we thought it was “movie like”.  The story was told through dance and enjoyed watching.  When Kent said, “The steps did not matter as much as the story did.”  Adam said, “Kent, you have just become and artist and that is far and above what this show asks for.”  It was a touching moment.

7] Robert Rolden and (AS) Kathryn – Style: Broadway, Song: “Cool”
That was a “cool” routine and again we enjoyed immensely.  A complete different style for Robert and he was great.

8] Loren Froderman and (AS) Pasha – Style: Cha-Cha, Song: “Not myself tonight”
That routine had some really awesome moves.  That was, as Nigel said, “That was darn near perfect.”  Once again, we are not fans of Cha-Cha, but we are now if it’s danced like that was.  There was another touching moment when Mia said to Loren, “If I was still dancing I would want to dance like you.”

9] Kent Boyd and Robert – Style: Milavous (SP), Song: “The Chosen”
This style looked like an Argentine Tango for guys.  These two dancers did a great job on this new style and we really enjoyed this routine.

*  AAN‘s BEST of Night Performance  *






We have nothing else to report except to say “This was the best final performance show in seven seasons.”  We hope all of you out there in cyberland enjoyed tonight as much as we did.  See you tomorrow night for the results


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