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August 4, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance — Season 7 Top 4 Performances

Tonight the dancers will also be dancing two routines tonight. Both routines will be with an “All Star” as a partner.

 The judges tonight are Nigel Lithgoe, Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, and guest judge Tyce Diorio.  The judges will only give their opinion tonight and tomorrow night who stays will be decided only by the viewing audience.  So after tonight’s show be sure to pick up the phone and vote for your favorite.

 Next week will be the Season 7 Finale, so tonight is really important for these four contestants.

  The Top Four opened with a Broadway Routine.  Song “The Crapshooter Dance”
We agree with Tyce when he said, “Kent you stood out.”

 Here are tonight’s highlights in order of performance (AS = All Star):

 1] Loren Froderman and (AS) Pasha – Style: Argentine Tango, Song: “Oblivion”
“Wow!” that was an awesome routine.  The partners had a great connection, the movement was “spot on”, and this made the routine a “steamy” Tango.  The only thing missing was someone coming out after the routine and hosing down the audience.

 2] AdechikeTorbert and (AS) Lauren– Style: African Jazz, Song: “The Path”
Much to our surprise we really enjoyed that routine.  The routine had great energy and it came across as a really fun routine.  The judges seemed think the routine could have been better.

 3] Robert Rolden and (AS) Anya – Style: Viennese Waltz, Song: “Lost”
Oh my, that was beautifully dance.  The flow, the energy, the movements were all there.  Bravo Robert!  We agree with Nigel when he said, “Waltz’s are often boring, but that routine was superbly danced.”

 4] Kent Boyd and (AS) Courtney – Style: Disco, Song: “When Love takes over”
This young man can flat out dance.  That was a great routine and we wanted more and more.  Kent has taken everything that has been presented him and each time he takes it to a higher level.  And a big plus with Kent is his attitude and energy.

 5] Loren Froderman and (AS) Ade – Style: Jazz, Song: “Hide U”
Jazz is not one of our favorite styles, but that routine was one of the best Jazz performances this season.  Great energy, awesome lifts, strong moves, and the hand movement segment, was in sync with rapid moves.  Bravo!

 6] AdechikeTorbert and (AS) Kathryn – Style: Contemporary, Song: “Fearless Love”
We did not like this routine very much, it seemed kind of broken as a partnered routine.  There were some good moments, but overall not a great routine.

 7] Robert Rolden and (AS) Dominic – Style: Hip-Hip
The routine was creatively choreographed and we totally enjoyed it.  We could not take our eyes off of the dancing and we wanted more.  We agree with Nigel when he said, “That was brilliantly danced.”

 8] Kent Boyd and (AS) Neal – Style: Contemporary, Song: “How it ends”
We have only one word to describe this routine and that is “WOW!”  That was awesome and as inspirational as we have seen this season.  It was flat out danced brilliantly.  The dancer, the All Star, and the chorographer came together and performed the perfect dance.  Pure artistry!

AAN‘s Best of Night

We have nothing else to report except too applaud Adechike when he was interviewed after the video of his story about how he grew up in “the hood” and continued following his dream.  He had to overcome many obstacles, yet he continued on to this moment in time.  He said he was humbled by the entire experience and obviously honored by all the people that believed in his dream.  This folks is what this show is all about and it not only gives an outlet to dancers, it shows how they follow their dream.


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