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July 28, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance — Season 7 Top 6 Performances (Again)

Tonight the dancers will also be dancing three routines. One routine will be with an “All Star” as a partner, the other routine will be with one of their fellow competitors and an unjudged solo.

The judges tonight are Nigel Lithgoe, Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, and gust Tony Reopath.

Because a contestant was not asked to go home last week (First time ever), two contestants will be leaving on tomorrow night’s results show.  Billy Bell was injured last week, but will be dancing this week.

For those whom are new to SYTYCD after the performances tonight you can vote on your favorite dancers.  Then tomorrow night the three dancers getting the least votes will dance solos and the judges will decide who will be asked to leave.

Here are tonight’s highlights in order of performance (AS = All Star):

1] Kent Boyd and (AS) Anya – Style: Cha-Cha, Song: “My First Kiss”
We are not huge Cha-Cha fans, but tonight we saw one great routine. That was an excellent routine and Kent “nailed” it.  Great music accompanied great dancing and that is why we watch this show.

2] Robert Rolden and (AS) Kathryn – Style: Contemporary, Song: “Heaven is a Place on Earth”
We were looking forward to watching Robert, but this week we did not like the routine at all.  It started good, but more in to the routine seemed kind of “broken”, it did not flow, yet the dancing was very good for what they were given.  Robert showed some really great partnering skills.  The judges all seemed to like the routine.

3] AdechikeTorbert and (AS) Courtney – Style: Jazz, Song: “Manteca”
We really enjoyed this routine.  Adechike is coming on strong over the last few weeks.  Not only was the dancing great, but there was a great entertainment factor and we completely enjoyed the flat out dancing.

4] Jose Ruiz and (AS) Comfort – Style: Hip Hop, Song: “Try a Little Tenderness”
That was one of the BEST Hip-Hip routines we have seen ever on SYTYCD.  There was great dancing, great chemistry, and greatly entertaining.  We wanted more.

5] Loren Froderman and (AS) Allison – Style: Broadway, Song: “Who’s Got the Pain?”
This was a great opportunity for the viewing audience to see how good Loren really is and we think Loren actually out did the All Star in this routine.  Loren is definitely a contender this year and she is coming on strong.  This is the first time ever two girls did a routine together.

6] Billy Bell and (AS) Ade – Style: Contemporary, Song: ”Mad World.”
“Wow!”  This was easily the best partnered routine of the night.  Bravo!  Both dancers were right on and we agree with Nigel when he said, “It was a privilege to watch that routine.”  This was a dancing “moment”.

Here are tonight’s highlights in order of performance on the fellow partner pairs:

1] Kent and Jose – Style: Broadway, Song “From this moment on”
One again we really enjoyed the routine.  They both had great energy and sure looked like they were having fun and we could enjoy the ride as we watched.  The judges seemed laud Kent in his dancing, but we thought Jose held his own in this routine.

2] Loren and Adechike – Style: Fox Trot, Song: “Fever”
Usually it’s billed as “The Dreaded Fox Trot” but that was “H O T !”.  It wasn’t the Fox Trot according to Hoyle, but it sure was entertaining.

3] Billy and Robert – Style: Balliwood, Song: “Ganesh”
Another dance style we are not fans of, but these two guys made it very interesting. We agree with Nigel when he said, “It was once of the best Balliwood routines ever.” These two guys we spot on with the moves and they both had great energy.

AAN‘s Best of Night All Star Partner Routine

We have nothing else to report except to let you know the final week will be in just a few weeks.  Tomorrow night will be the results and two dancers will be leaving Season 7.

Finally at the closing of the show Cat Deeley mentioned that Loren was with the medics back stage, which implied she had an injury.  Cat said they would update her condition on tomorrow nights show.



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