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July 21, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance — Season 7 Top 6 Performances

With Alex leaving last week we have the top 5 guys and the top 1 girl.  Yes, only one girl is left this season after Ashley had to leave the show because of an injury.

Tonight the dancers will also be dancing three routines. One routine will be with an “All Star” as a partner, the other routine will be with one of their fellow competitors and a solo.

The judges tonight are Nigel Lithgoe, Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, and gust judge Kenny Ortega.

Another injury this week was announced. Billy Bell injured his ankle and will not perform this week.

For those whom are new to SYTYCD after the performances tonight you can vote on your favorite dancers.  Then tomorrow night the three dancers getting the least votes will dance solos and the judges will decide who will be asked to leave.

Here are tonight’s highlights in order of performance (AS = All Star):

1] Loren Froderman and (AS) Twitch – Style: Hip-Hop, Song: “My bad chick”
We are starting tonight with a “Wow!”  It looks like Loren is in to win.  That was an excellent performance and she “nailed” it.  The energy and moves were “spot on”.

2] Jose Ruiz and (AS) Allison – Style: Contemporary, Song: “Eternal …Mind”
The pair actually danced on the edge of the stage, very cool.  Very nicely done!  It looked like they had a great connection and Jose executed the moves very well.  Sonja was the choreographer of this very original and creative routine.  Because the pair was one the edge of the stage it was tough to critique the actual dancing, but performance wise, Jose was perfect.

3] Robert Rolden and (AS) Lauren – Style: Jazz, Song: “Wasted Time”
We have to give the performance a “double wow!”  Great energy, awesome moves, and there was a very good connection.  Robert “killed” this routine.  We agree with the judges in saying the routine “flowed” and that made us want more.  (Happy Birthday Robert)

4] Kent Boyd and (AS) Kathryn – Style: Jazz, Song: “Tightrope”
This was fast paced routine and we gave it a “double wow!” Kent is coming on strong and in this routine he showed some really great moves.  We agree with Nigel when he said, “You are now out dancing the “All Stars”, that is how much you have grown.”

5] AdechikeTorbert and (AS) Comfort – Style: Lyrical Hip-Hop, Song “Falln’”
“Wow!”  We really liked that routine.  We were surprised by Adechike’s intensity in this performance.  We agree with Adam when he said, “It was like watching a movie.”  We think that was Adechike’s best performance this season when he is out of his own style.

Here are tonight’s highlights in order of performance on the fellow partner pairs:

1] Loren and Robert – Style: Samba, Song: “Drummer Boy”
Both dances were out of their styles and they did a great job.  It was very entertaining and we enjoyed the routine immensely.

2] Jose and Adechike – Style: Pasa Doble (Unique with two males), Song: “The Arrival”
This was a very entertaining routine but the technique was a little suspect with both dancers.  We gave both dancers an “A” for effort.

3] Kent and standing in for Billy, (AS) Twitch – Style: Stepping, Song “Pro Nails”
Hey folks!  That was one tough routine with the movements required by hands, legs, and body.  We were very entertained and wanted more.  We agree with Adam when he said, “Kent you killed it!”

AAN’ Best of Night (AS) Partner Routine

We have nothing more to report except report that we think this show once again had more TV commercials than ever.  So this week we counted how many commercials per each break.  Here are the results (The length of each varied from 10 seconds to a minute):
Break 1 > 8       Break 2 > 10     Break 3 > 11     Break 4 > 11     Break 5 > 13
Break 6 > 10     Break 7 > 11     Break 8 > 12     Total >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 86


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