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July 15, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance – Season 7 Top 7 Results

Tonight the bottom three dancers will be asked to perform a solo called “dance for your life” and the judges will decide who will be asked to leave the show.

The judges tonight are Nigel Lithgoe, Adam Shankman, and Mia Michaels.

The bottom three dancers tonight were Ashley (Because of her injury), Billy, and Jose.

Cut from the top 7 tonight was Ashley because her doctors told Nigel she needed rest for her to recuperate from her rib injury.  (This is two weeks in a row that an injury has taken out one of the top dancers.)

As we say to all the departing contestants, “To Ashley we send our congratulations for making the Top 7 and even though you are leaving tonight, let nothing stand in your way as you continue your journey to complete your dream”.

Tonight’s Highlights:
Fernando and Loren, two children coached by Mia Michael’s, danced to “Jailhouse Rock” by the one and only Elvis.  Being in Memphis we always enjoy an Elvis song now and again.

Twitch and Comfort did a Hip-Hop routine.  These are two of our favorite dancers from season’s gone bye.  “Great job you two!”

Christina Perry sang her new single “Jar of hearts.”

Don’t forget July 31st is going to be National Dance Day for everyone in America and we hope the entire universe will join all of us in the dancing.  (Based on an opening “promo” the world is now involved. The AAN Team says, “Sweet!”)  A routine has been created for all to dance.  The routine is available at the Dizzy Feet Foundation web site.
<Click here>

A quick note:
Did y’all out there in cyberland see the routine that was dedicated by choreographer Travis Wall to his mom Denise?  Robert and Allison danced the routine and showed America how dancing can touch the viewing audience and that is exactly why we enjoy this show.  There have been other routines that have had that special “moment” and we are constantly amazed how it all comes together.  We hope all of you out there in cyberland continue to enjoy each moment of your favorite routine and take that experience with you on you’re journey to complete the dream you are seeking.

We have nothing else to report except to ask all visitors on this site to click on the “Social Vibe” widget on the right side bar and help feed the children of the world.  Hey it’s FREE!  Give it a shot and do your part and feed the children, pleaz-z-z-z-z-z-z.

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