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June 10, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Summer Season 7 Top 11 Showcase

Tonight is the start of Season 7 with the top 6 guys and the top 5 girls.  This year the dancers will dance the various pair routines with “all stars” from past seasons.  This is an interesting twist to past seasons and we are looking forward to the change in format.

The judges tonight are Nigel Lithgoe, Adam Shankman, and Mia Michaels.

The group of “all stars” and the top 11 dancers opened the show with a very cool performance.

Because this show was a special “showcase” show as a prelude to next week when the actual season 7 competition begins, the dancers mostly danced in their element and were joined by various “all stars”.

1] Loren and Kent did a Jazz Routine.
Adam obliviously loved the routine.  We thought it was awesome

2] Alexia and Melinda were joined were joined by two “all stars” Loren and Allison. They did a Contemporary routine.
We agree with Nigel when he said, “I couldn’t tell the difference between the “all stars” and Alexia and Melinda.”

3] Jose was joined by “all stars” Twitch, Dominic and Comfort and did a Hop-Hop Routine.
They all did some pretty cool moves.  (Jose was inspired by Legacy from last season.)

4] Christina was joined by “all stars” Pasha and Anya and they did a Latin Ballroom routine.
We thought it was very entertaining.

5] Alex and Billy danced a Mia Michaels Contemporary Routine and they were joined by “all star” Ade.  (Mia routines are always great).
The routine was about aging and how time passes and it was flat out awesome.  Alex was a little boy, Billy was middle aged, and Ade was an old man.

6] Robert, Ashley and Adechike were joined by “all stars” Neil and Courtney.  They danced a contemporary routine and once again we could not tell the new dancer from the “all star”.

We have nothing else to report except that this blog has been delayed because “” was down and we could not get connected.

Top Six Guys:






Top Five Girls:


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