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May 18, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Top 3 Performance Week

The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and Ellen.

The contestants will sing two songs, one chosen by the contestant and one chosen by a judge.

Here are the top 3 contestants in order of performance:

Songs chosen by the contestants…

1] Casey James – Song: “Okay it’s alright with me.”
So-so choice (We never have heard this song before tonight), but the arrangement was up beat and the vocals were very good, not great, but we enjoyed the performance.  We have to agree with all the judges, it was only “alright” especially because this is probably one of the most important nights in Casey’s career.

2] Crystal Bowesox – Song: “Come to my window“
An interesting choice we must say.  As usual we really liked her vocals, but overall, we did not like the arrangement.  We agree with Randy, her vocals made it a great song.  Even more important we agree with Simon when he said, “The one thing about you is from day one you never have compromised your style and you consistently pick songs that suit your style.”

3] Lee Dewyze – Song: “Simple Man”
Now this was a great song choice and Lee had a great performance.  The vocals were spot on with a great arrangement.  We think this was the best performance so far tonight.  The performance rates right up there with his best performance ever.  Great job!

Songs chosen by a judge…

4] Casey James – Song: “Daughters” (Chosen by Randy and Kara)
This performance was better than his first song, but it was not great.  We thought it was a little “sleepy” and did not find any sort of connection.  Not memorable at all.

5] Crystal Bowesox – Song: “Baby I am amazed” (Chosen by Ellen)
All we can say is “Wow!”  Once again we were amazed by Crystal’s vocals.  The vocals we absolutely great and even though we were concerned on this song choice, it is opinion that it was her best performance this season.  Excellent song choice by Ellen!

6] Lee Dewyze – Song: “Halleluiah”   (Chosen by Simon)
Another “wow” for Lee!  This song has been done before on Idle, but we think Lee did the best version ever done on American Idle.  Simon sent a challenge and Lee answered with a great “moment” and great performance.  Lee showed what this show is all about.  Just think about it, Lee was selling paint before American Idol and he decided to follow a DREAM…sweet!

AAN‘s Best of Night Choice (Easy one)

We have nothing else to report except that to remind you that tomorrow night is the results show..  Pick up the phone and vote for your favorite are they may go home tomorrow night.


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