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April 25, 2010

Gus’s “World Famous Fried Chicken”

If you “love” fried chicken and you are in or traveling through Memphis, TN we highly recommend you stopping at Gus’s for a taste of what we consider the best fried chicken we have ever tasted.

We have traveled throughout the US working in various cities and we always try the fried chicken in the local restaurants.  Nothing we have tasted so far has quenched the craving and we knew that there had to be something better.

Then a few months ago we landed in Memphis, TN, specifically Cordova a suburb of Memphis.  I mention to a co-worker (Sam) that I had a craving for fried chicken and I never have had “real” southern fried chicken.  Sam turned around and with a twinkle in his eye said, “Well now, there is a local place that should take care of what you are seeking.  Let’s go to Gus’s for lunch.”  I happily said, “That sounds good.”

That was it, we finally found the best fried chicken we have ever tasted and I can only describe it as a “little piece of fried chicken heaven”.  Since then we go to Gus’s at least once a week and if I am ever in the area I stop and get a to-go order.

We “do” lunch at Gus’s at 2965 N. Germantown Road, Bartlett, TN 38133  (901.373.9111).  The main restaurant is in downtown Memphis.  (Click here for Gus’s web site)

You can choose from spicy or mild and the have a variety of side orders.  We usually get fries and beans on the side.  We also make a point of calling ahead and then when we get there it’s usually ready and waiting.  The food is always hot, actually so hot, we have to break it up to let it cool before we start eating.  They also have many other items on the menu, but I have not been past the chicken, fries, and beans.  One of the items I may attempt someday is the “Fried Dill Pickles” only because I have never heard of it.

As a side note:
The evening of first time we went to Gus’s I was watching the Travel Channel and Adam from “Man vs. Food” was in Memphis.  “Yes!” he was at Gus’s main restaurant and I got an earful of the history of this awesome fried chicken.

We have nothing else to report at this time except that I just called and ordered a two piece White Meat Plate with a side of fries and beans to go. (See ya’ll there)



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