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April 10, 2010

The Golf “Gossip” Channel – The Masters and Tiger Woods

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A few months ago when Tiger had his troubles the Golf Channel turned in to the Golf “Gossip” Channel.  They were relentless in attaching Tiger’s private life and judging Tiger’s issues.  I saw a show and the Golf Channel reporter was “camped” outside Tiger’s house stating his opinion that once Tiger’s steps out of his house, then it the fans right to know everything that Tiger is doing.

On another show the Golf “Gossip” Channel reporter asked the commissioner of golf if he was going to sanction Tiger and the commissioner cordially said, “No he wasn’t.”  This seemed to disappoint the reporter.  On another show about a month ago the Golf “Gossip” Channel put a poll on their web-site asking the viewers if they thought Tiger should be sanctioned.  We clicked to another channel, so we did not see the results.

We are huge Tiger Woods fans and we believe that Tiger’s private life is his own and we are fans because we completely enjoy watching Tiger play golf.  We believe that Tiger’s private life is his own and in his statement a few months ago when Tiger asked to keep his private life out of what was going on the Golf Channel should have honored that request, but no, they kept attacking.

Now that Tiger is back and doing well in the Masters Tournament all the Golf “Gossip” Channel reports are doing the big “kiss up” routine.  I saw a show that they must have mentioned Tiger’s name 20 times in fifteen minutes and how great it is to have him back.  Some of the reporters are even applauding themselves stating that they predicted the current events.  “Gag me with a spoon” comes to mind when we are listening to this garbage.

Now we wonder why the Golf Channel initially attached Tiger and kept on going with it.  We think that if it wasn’t for Tiger the Golf Channel would be covering miniature golf championships instead of the PGA.

We at AAN began discussing this illogical turn of events and an incident came to mind that happened in the 90’s.  The P.G.A. moved the Western Open from the Butler Country Club in Oakbrook IL after a 17 year history to a different course.  This was because of Butler not having an “open membership” policy and refusing to change it.  Yep, Butler did not allow Afro-Americans to be members and only allowed famous Afro-Americans like Michael Jordan to even play the course.  (Click here for article) We have heard these types of stories before at local private courses, but we would think that this would have changed by now.  With all that has happened over the last few months we wonder if there is still a thread of this type of thinking interwoven in the golf community and is a part of the Golf Channels management?

Of course it may be a simple as the Golf Channel was mad at Tiger because if Tiger is not playing, nobody is watching the Golf Channel and the shallow minds in their management decided to attack.  Now that Tiger is back and in great form, it looks like this mode of attack by the Golf Channel is being thrown back in their faces and they are making a feeble attempt to keep what is left of their integrity.

We suppose there are a few thousand people who watch the Golf “Gossip” Channel, but we for one only watch it when Tiger is playing golf or our other sixty favorite channels all have reruns. We think the absolute best golf coverage is from the C.B.S. crew who cover the golf tournaments.  They seemed to have a much more professional and tasteful way of approaching the PGA coverage.

We have nothing else to report or question except that when Tiger said, “I want to be a better person when I come back.” We know that he will do exactly that.  We can only hope that the Golf Channel will follow that lead and change their thinking about their reporting style.


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