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April 6, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Top 9 Performance Week

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The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and Ellen.

The music theme tonight is songs by the Beatles John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Here are the top 9 contestants in order of performance:

1] Aaron Kelly – Song: “The Long Winding Road”
We liked his performance.  Good vocals and a fairly good arrangement.  We think he needed to get more “in to” it.  The judges did not seem to like the choice.  Three out of four mentioned “boring.”

2] Katie Stevens – Song: “Let It Be”
Nice arrangement and very good vocals.  Katie “brought it” this week.  Probably her best performance ever according to Randy and Simon said she finally got it right.  Good to see she has gotten past the “old fashioned” style has done in pasted weeks.

3] Andrew Garcia – Song: “Can’t Buy Me Love
Last week Andrew was much better than he has been in weeks.  This week we really like the arrangement. He made it his own and made it  contemporary style.  Good vocals and performance.  Ellen loved it and Simon did not.

4] Michael Lynche – Song: “Eleanore Rigby”
One again Mike did a great job with the vocals and arrangement.  We agree with Randy, “The parts that worked, worked great.”  Kara said, “He made the song commercial tonight.”  Simon thought it was too over the top.

5] Crystal Bowesox — Song: “Come Together”
We were really looking forward to Crystal’s performance tonight.  Every week Crystal entertains us and this week was another great performance.  Her versatility shines through every week and she sings so naturally, like she is doing exactly what she should be doing.  This week was another great performance and she made the song her own.  Excellent vocals and arrangement! We think this was the best performance so far tonight.

6] “Teflon” Tim Urban – Song: “All My Lovin’”
Wow, Time surprised us with a vey good performance.  It was a very good arrangement and really good vocals.  Very good song choice!  We think this was his best performance this year.
Tim had a stainless steel week.

7] Casey James – Song: “Jealous Guy”
Wow, excellent performance tonight.  Casey showed his versatility with this perfect selection and great vocals.  We think this was his best ever.  (Ellen said same thing).

7] Siobhan Magnus – Song: “Across the Universe”
Another performer week look forward too ever week is Siobhan, because she always surprises us. Wow, wow, the best vocals tonight and a great arrangement.  We wanted more!  Big song and she delivered an awesome performance.  The judges describe her as different every week and we might add unique.  As Ellen said, “I like people who listen to a different drummer.”  We agree 100%.

9] Lee Dewyze – Song: “Hey Jude”
One of our favorite songs ever and Lee did a very good job with it.  He did not change it much, but he did it in a good way.  His vocals seemed a little bit off in places, overall good job. We think it was a safe performance, but the one thing that did stand out was his confidence.

AAN Best of Night


We have nothing else to report except that to remind you that tomorrow night is the results night.  (Pssst!  David A is going to be on tomorrow night.)


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  1. David Archuleta?! YEAAAH! I love him ever since Season 7 🙂

    Comment by elloisefrances — April 6, 2010 @ 9:38 pm | Reply

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