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March 18, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Top 12 Results

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Tonight decided the Top 11 and next week the final contestant will be cut to make up the Top 10.  These contestants will tour the US after the conclusion of this season.  We originally thought two contestants were going to be cut tonight to make the Top 10, but we misunderstood that Idol wants to draw out this process another week.

Cut from the top 12 tonight was Lacey Brown.  She sang for the judges hoping to win the “save” so she could stay on the show.  The judges must be unanimous to “save” a contestant.  The judges passed on the “save”.

As we say to all the departing contestants, “To Lacey we send our congratulations for making the Top12 and even though you are leaving tonight, “Let nothing stand in your way as you continue your journey to complete your dream”.

Tonight’s Show highlights:

David Cook was back and sang the Rolling Stones “Jumping Jack Flash”.  Even though David is a past winner, there have been several non-winners on this year “pushing” their new albums. This just goes to show that you really don’t need to win Idol to have a music career.  This show has launched several non-winners as you may already know.

We have nothing to add except that we are on our way to watch Randy Jackson’s “America’s Best Dance Crew”.  They are having the finals soon and we want to catch up on who is completing.  We at AAN highly recommend “ABDC” if you like “dance”.  So far every time we watched there has been at least one “wow”.


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