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March 3, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Top 10 Guys Performance

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Tonight the guys go live battling for your votes.  Tomorrow night will be the Top 10 Girls

The girls were supposed to be on this week but Crystal Bowersox was rushed to the hospital and told not to perform tonight so they delayed the girls until tomorrow night.  They did not say why she was rushed to the hospital.

The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and Ellen.

Here are the top 10 guys in order of performance:

1] Michael Lynche – Song: “It’s a Man’s World”
Simon said, “Exactly the right song choice.  That was the best performance you have given this season.
Randy stood up and gave Michael a standing ovation then said, “You can be an R & B Singer.
Kara said, “Tonight you went from singer to artist.
Ellen said, “Great song choice and that was fantastic.
We also thought it was a great song choice and the vocals were spot on.  James Brown would be proud of that performance.

2] John Park – Song “Gravity”
Simon said, “Noting exciting, a so-so performance.  Was forgettable.
Randy said, “Nothing new and kind of flat.
Kara said, “You need more audience connection.”
Ellen said, “Better song choice but need more soul.  Too safe.”
We though John was much better than last week, but we don’t think the performance was good enough for John to stay on the show.

3] Casey James – Song: “I Don’t what to be”
Simon said, “Tonight you turned in to a ‘bar’ singer.  You did not have enough vocal grit for that song.”
Randy said, “Great job and the guitar playing was hot.”
Kara said, “You took two steps backward.  The up front and center feeling just went away.
Ellen said, “Great song.  You sound great, look great, and look great, but you do need to loosen up in your performance.
We liked the performance and thought the guitar play was awesome.  Nice touch to the performance.

4] Alex Lambert – Song “Everybody Knows”
Simon said, “That was one million times better than last week.  Now you need to get some confidence and know you can win this competition.  Get that ‘killer’ instinct.”
Randy said, “Huge improvement over last week. I really enjoyed that.”
Kara said, “You have an incredible recordable voice and don’t know it.  You are going to grow and I thought that was great.”
Ellen said, “The banana has ripened.  Much more improved and I like that you are so unique.
We thought “Wow!  Where was this guy last week?  We like his vocals and performance tonight.

5] Todrick Hall – Song “What Love has to do with it.”
Simon said, “That was a theme park level performance.  Way too corny.”
Randy said, “I like the end but you need to just sing, quit changing each song and just sing it.”
Kara said, “You need to move more and you are truing to do too much with great songs.”
Ellen said, “You are a dancer, move more and that was the wrong son.”
We like Todrick’s attitude and what he says about following dreams.  We liked his performance tonight and thought it was very creative to take a Tina Turner song and make it his own.

6] Jermaine Sellers – Song: “What’s going on?”
Simon said, “You water-down the songs by playing with them too much and you lose the meaning.”
Randy said, “It was better than last week, but something was missing.”
Kara said, “You are missing the lyrics and it feels like you are forcing it.”
Ellen said, “I like your style but the song did not work for me”
We think it was a so-so performance, but agree with Randy that something was missing.  Maybe it was the feeling that goes with the words.  It was too robotic.

7] Andrew Garcia – Song: “You Give me Something”
Simon said, “Wrong song choice and you need to get original like you were before.  I was disappointed.”
Randy said, “It was a little pitchy and I missed you playing the guitar.  I did not get it.”
Kara said, “I see your potential and it’s great, but tonight you played it safe.”
Ellen said, “I liked it a lot and I like how you take chances.”
We were looking forward to Andrew’s performance tonight and we enjoyed every moment.  We also are wondering what Simon, Randy, and Kara were listening too when Andrew was singing?

8] Aaron Kelly – Song: “My Girl”
Simon said, “I did not like the song.  You were all over the place and you need to work out what kind of artist you want to be.”
Randy said, “I did not know what to expect and now I know you can really sing.”
Kara said, “I really like you.  You are consistent every week and I like that in you.”
Ellen said, “I like how you used the stage, but did not like the song choice.”
We like the innocence of being a 16 year old in Aaron and this was a big son for him to sing.  Aaron did the song justice and great vocals.  Good job.

9] Tim Urban – Song: “Come on get high”
Simon said, “I disagree with Randy, Ellen, and Kara.  I think that was a marked improvement over last week and you made the song your own.  You did better than some other contestants who, this week were karaoke.
Randy said, “I did not get it.  There was nothing special.”
Kara said, “I like the song choice, but you did not make it your own.  I see ‘great’ in you.”
Ellen said, “I did not see any stage presence and I think you should try acting and some singing.”
We thought Tim was a zillion times batter than last week and we enjoyed his performance tonight.

10] Lee Dewyze – Song: “Lips of an Angel”
Simon said, “Vocally you are above everyone else.  You need more confidence and I think right now you are the one to beat.”
Randy said, “You took a chance by laying down the guitar and I like it.”
Kara said, “You were batter than last week and I can hear you singing on the radio.  You have one of those commercial voices.”
Ellen I can hear the passion in your singing and you were in that song.”
We like Lee last week and even more this week.  Great job.

AAN’s pick for “Best of Night”

We have nothing to add except that the guys were way better this week than last week.

Don’t forget tomorrow night are the Top 10 Girls Performance and the Thursday night will be the results and two girls and two guys will be cut.


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