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February 24, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Top 12 Girls Performance

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Tonight the girls go live battling for your votes.  Tomorrow night will be the guys turn.  On Thursday two girls and two guys will be leaving the show based on the voting.

The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and Ellen.

Here are the top 12 girls in order of performance:

1] Paige Miles – Song: “It’s Alright Now”
Ellen said, “You were so ‘there’ on that song. Great job.”
Simon said, “You have the best voice of all the girls, but you picked the wrong song.  You should be ok, but be sure to pick better songs.”
Kara said, “I disagree with Simon, that was a brilliant choice and you have a great dynamic.  Great voice.”
Randy said, “I agree that was the wrong choice, but you have a ‘big’ voice and you did a great job.
We really liked her performance and thought she made the song her own even though it was done originally by a group.  And she does have a ‘BIG” voice.

2] Ashley Rodriguez – Song: “Be Happy”
Ellen said, “I wanted a whole different vibe.  You need more originality”
Simon said, “It was clumsy, and I did not like the arrangement.  I think your going backwards and you might be in trouble.”
Randy said, “You did a good job, but I did not see who your are.”
Kara said, “You had some good moments and some not so good moments.  You need to show who you are, and you didn’t.
We thought she started slow and it did not get much better.  It was too karaoke and we thought she needed to make it her own.

3] Janell Wheeler – Song: “What about love”
Ellen said, “I liked the song and I like you.”
Simon said, “You gave 100% effort and 65% performance.  I do like your voice, but you did not quite get there.”
Randy said, “Not my favorite choice, but I do like your voice.
Kara said, “That song was too big for you.  You need better choices.”
We overall enjoyed her performance even though there were some shaky notes.

4] Lilly Scott – Song: “Fixing a hole.”
Ellen said, “That was a great job.  You are unique and original and that is what we love.”
Simon said, “That was the best of the night so far.  You showed yourself, but need more ‘star power’.”
Randy said, “You did your own thing with honesty.  I loved it.”
Kara said, “You believable as an artist and I could feel your performance.”
We agree with Ellen, it was unique and like that fact that she did it her way.  Very interesting voice we thought.

5]  Katelynn Epperly – Song: “Oh Darling or Oh Darlin”
Simon said, “I actually like you.  That was a good song choice and it was brave.”
Randy said, “I really love that you sing the tones.  You have a big voice.
Ellen said, “You have a lot of personality and a great voice.
Kara said, “You know your voice very well and what you can do with it.  Good job.”
We like this performance right from the “get-go”.  It was original and she ahs a very good sound.

6]  Haeley Vaughn – Song: “I wanna hold your hand.”
Simon said, “That was verging on terrible.  It was a mess.”
Randy said, “The high notes were off, you might try lowering the notes.”
Kara said, “That had some issues, but I could see your coming from your heart.”
Ellen said, “You have good stage presence and I enjoyed it.”
We did not like the arrangement and thought it was a so-so performance.

7] Lacey Brown – Song: “Landslide”
Randy said, “That was the wrong song choice.  I thought it was terrible and it did not suit you at all.
Ellen said, “You had bad moments and I kept hoping you would pull through.”
Kara said, “I agree, it was the wrong choice and you were not hitting the notes.”
Simon said, “That was depressing and seemed indulgent.  It was boring.”
We that it was absolutely the wrong song choice and “off” on the vocals.

8] Michelle Delamor – Song: “I keep on Falling”
Randy said, “Tough song, but your did a pretty good job with it.  You need to take more risks.”
Ellen said, “That was fantastic.  You made it look so easy and it is a tough song to sing..”
Kara said, “You look good and had some great and not so great moments.  You need to feel it more.”
Simon said, “You are very professional but the ‘wow’ was missing.”
We thought it was a big song and she did a good job with it.  Nice voice.

9] Didi Benami – Sing: “The way I am.”
Ellen said, “I like the song but it was too low key.”
Randy said, “I did not see any ‘star factor.’”
Kara said, “I like your choice and you changed it up and you showed another level.”
Simon said, “You are a good sing but I did not see any spark.”
We though it was and interesting song choice,along with a unique stage presence.  We liked the performance.

10] Siobhan Magnus – Song: “Wicked Game”
Ellen said, “I loved that and you entertained me.”
Randy said, “That is a tough song and I loved it from the second verse on.”
Simon said, “I loved that song and it was dark.”
Kara said, “I kind of like you and I really like that you are in the moment when you sing.”
At first we thought it was an odd song choice, but then she got in to it and we completely enjoyed the performance.

11] Crystal Bowersox – Song: “Hand in my pocket”
Ellen said, “I am a fan of yours.  You add fresh to the show.”
Randy said, “You are one of my favorites.  You are original, honest and I like what you do with all that.”
Simon said, “That was good, but not original.”
Kara said, “You were good, but I know you can be great.  I know you have it in you.”
We liked her voice and originality.  We enjoyed her performance and think she made the song her own.

12]  Katie Stevens – Song: “ Felling Good”.
Simon said, “The song was too old, it was like your parents choose it for you.  You are 16 years old and need to get current.”
Kara said, “You were a little pitchy, but you have a natural talent and great chops.”
Randy said, “You were pushing the notes hard and going too high.”
Ellen said, “That was great, but way too conservative.”
We thought for 16 years old she was great, but the song choice was way too old.

The AAN choice for “Best of show” was Paige Miles.

Remember tomorrow night is the Top 12 guys and the Thursday will be the results night where two girls and two guys will leave the show.

We have nothing else to add except to note that the “buzz” we have heard over the past week is that Andrew Garcia is the best of this years group.  We shall see …..


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