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February 17, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – The Road to the Top 24 Show #1

The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and Ellen.

 Starting with 71 contestants the process to pick the top 24 began this week.

 We at AAN are going to give our opinion right off.  We thought this format was a huge disappointment.  We tuned in to see contestants sing, and what we got was all of the 72 contestants were done with their solos and placed in to three rooms.  Then the first hour and a half consisted of snippets of about twenty contestants and their backgrounds, which have already been done.  After each “quickie” it was pointed out which room they were in.  This went on and on until finally the judges went to each room and gave them the news.  All of the contestant in room two were cut, which by the snippets we had determined ahead of time.  Now they were down to 46 contestants and then they began picking the top 24 from the remaining contestants.  No singing, just more snippets as each contestant was called before the judges to get the news.

  So to keep this short, so far they have picked seven contestants, 5 guys and 3 gals.  They are going to finish the choosing tomorrow night.

 So far the Guys picked are:
1] Michael Lynch “Big Mike” (70689)
2] Casey James (16678)
3] Aaron Kelly (73668)
4] Lee Dewyze (26854)
5] Todrick Hall (85812)

 The two gals are:
1] Didi Benami (11424)
2] Katelyn Epperly (34421)

 That’s it so far.  Not alot of song for a show that is about singing.

 We have nothing else to report except we jest heard there are some downhill racers singing a victory song at the Winter Olympics and we are tuning in to NBC to see that.


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