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February 4, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Final Audition – Variety of locations

The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and a variety of guest judges depending on the city the audition was held in.

 This show was billed as “The best of the best” auditions this year from all the cities that were visited this season..

 They started with a review of how popular the “Pants on the Floor” Song has become as preformed by General Larry Platt.

 1] Jessica Furney (18589) This was her 2nd try.
Randy said, “You have improved.”

 2] Amanda Sheckmen (60053)
Simon said, “You are a good actress.”  Kara said, “You need to work on your connection with the audience.”  Victoria said, “Good voice.”

 3] Lee Dewyze (26854)

 4] Crystal Bowersox ( ? )

  Here they did a review of several contestants that we repeats from prior years and were trying again.

 5] Lacy Brown who went to Hollywood last year and was cut.
Kara said, “You are one of my favorites this year.”

 6] Stephanie Fisher (18835) This was her 7th attempt.
Simon said, “That was terrible.  You have a horrible voice.”  Randy said, “You don’t have it going on.”

 7] Rachel Hubbard (16 year old)

 8] Thaddus Jackson (16 year old)

 9] Genisis Moore (16 year old)

 10] Adrian Chandchi (76053) A self proclaimed “Man Flower” who happens to be 6’10”
Simon said, “You not horrible, but no.”  Kara said, “You’re a sweet guy.”

 11] Michael Lynche (76089) A soon to be new daddy.

 12] Dee Dee Benami (11424) This audition was dedicated to Dee’s best friend who passed away and her friend was someone who pushed D to continue singing.  It was an emotion audition, but this girl has a good voice and we think her friend was right.
Randy said, “That was good and you have a good range.”  Simon said, “A small yes, but still a yes.”  Kara said, “You did good.”

 13] Aaron Kelly (73668) (!6 years old)
Randy said, “I like you, great voice.”  Simon said, “Good song choice and pretty good audition.” We think Aaron was the best 16 year old we have heard this audition season.

 14] Kimberly Bishop (74845)

 15] Shadaii Harris (79245)

 16] Hope Johnson (89052)
Randy said, “I love that song and you have a beautiful tone.”  Simon said, “I like you.”  Kara said, “There is something interesting about you.  I like your voice and I will remember you.”  We think Hope has very nice energy and a good voice.

 Finally the auditions are over and “Hollywood Week” starts next week.  181 contestants received the “Golden” Ticket this year.  Also Ellen DeGeneres will be joining the judges as a permanent judge the rest of this season.  (Ever notice how many ‘e’s Ellen has in her full name?)  Ellen is one of our favorite people and we are looking forward to seeing her as a judge.

 A final AAN editorial:
 A comment was posted on last nights blog stating that they found the shows boring because there were not enough “good” singers brought to the audiences attention.  We agree with this 100%.  What come to our mind is So You Think You Can Dance started with this type of format, but when they changed to “highlight” the good dancers and keep the “No’s” to a minimum, the show became much more entertaining to watch.  This year we think American Idol went overboard with the “No’s” and everything else except the good singers.

 We have nothing else to report except that based on pasted seasons “Hollywood Week” is never boring and we hope this years will be as entertaining.  If not maybe they should change the name to “American Idle.”



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