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January 28, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Dallas Auditions

The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and guest our favorite “Doogiey Houser”, Neil Patrick Harris.

 Big “D” is where they found Kelly Clarkson a few years back.

 Here are the contestant performances in the order of appearance.

 1] Julie Kevilighn (81778) Has been here before and did not make it through.
Neil said, “I did not like your sign, the letters were to small in the lower right.  Also you voice is not strong enough.”

 2] Lloyd Thomas (79220) A dock worker who grew up in the projects and is the father of two girls.
Right off we liked his voice and performance.  Simon said, “That was my favorite audition of today.  I really like you.”  Neil said, “Good voice.”  Randy said, “Good vibe.”
YES — Lloyd left by saying, “I can taste the dream right now.”

 3] Kimberly Carver (80455) singing an original song.
We thought, “Good voice, very strong.”  Simon said, “I did not hear anything current.”  Neil said, “I disagree with Simon, I thought that was great.”  Randy said, “Excellent, really good.”  Kara said, “I like your vibe.”

 4] Dexter Ward (87263)
Randy said, “That looked like it hurt.  No.”

 5] Erica Rhodes ((75451) She was once a Barney Kid on the Barney show.  She came in to this audition dressed in leather carrying a whip.
Simon said, “You have great presence.”  Kara said, “It’s rare to see someone doing their own thing.”  Neil said, “You will do well.”  Randy said, “I like you.”

 6] Dave Pittman (79447) Dave has Turret’s Syndrome but it does not effect his singing.
Right off we liked his voice and his style.  Randy said, “Really good.”  Neil said, “I liked that. It was great and you are ‘crazy’ brave for coming here.”  Simon said, “I think people will like you.”

 Day 2  Neil was replaced as guest judge by Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers)

 7] Todd Hall (85812) Singing an original song especially written for an American Idle Audition.
Kara said, “That was good.”  Joe said, “You have star power.”  Randy said, “That was the best audition this season.”

 8] Meagan Wright (89254)  Meagan’s biggest fan is her brother Dawson.
We liked her voice.  Kara said, “I really like you, great voice.”  Simon said, “I like how you surprised me with your good voice.”  Randy said, “I like you.”

 9] Vanessa Johnson (89242)
Simon said, “That was my worst nightmare.”

 10] Christian Spear (85700) Christian was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 4 and at age 8 she went in to remission.  She is now cancer free for 8 years.
We thought she had a very strong voice and like it.  Simon said, “You are incredibly brave.”  Randy said, “Really good.”  Joe said, “You have a beautiful voice.”  Kara said, “I like how you sing without fear.”
YES and a “YEAH!” from AAN

 We have nothing else to report except that 31 contestants were awarded the “Golden” Ticket.

 Next week will be Denver, CO.


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