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January 14, 2010

American Idol Season 9 – Atlanta Auditions

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The Judges tonight in Atlanta (ATL) were Simon, Kara, Randy, and guest Mary J. Blige

Here are the contestant performances in the order of appearance.

1] Dewone Robinson singing and original song.  (#100492)
Simon said, “That is the worst original song I have ever heard.”  Dewone then began arguing with Simon and Randy called for security to escort him out.

2] Keia Johnson (#14630)
Kara said, “Your personality comes across with good vocals.”  Randy said, “I like your voice.”  Mary said, “She can sing.”  Simon said, “I like you.”

3] Miriam L. – YES

4] Noel Reese – YES

5] Tisha Holland – YES

6] Germaine Sellers (#102881) Take care of his mom.
I liked this gut right off. He has a very soulful voice.  Kara said, “I love you, great job!”  Mary said, “Incredible.”  Randy said, “That was the best vocal this season so far.

7] Christy Marie (#91616) Hosts 411 the show
Simon said, “That was terrible.”  Kara said, “Don’t make singing your career.”

8] Vanessa Wolfe (#92276) is from a small town in Tennessee. She likes jumping off bridges in to the water.
I liked her from the get-go.  Very good country vocal.  Simon said, “I like you.  When you are good, you are good.”  Kara said, “You were better than I thought you would be. You are authentic and I like you. Randy said, “Yes to the country girls.”  Mary said, “She is so “real”.”
YES  (“This will be the first time I fly in an airplane.” She said when she left.)


9] J.C Hamilton (#99342) says he almost died three times.
Jessie initially froze up and lost the words to “The River.”  Randy suggested, “Tomorrow Never Comes” and he started singing that song.  Simon said, “Keep welding.”

10] Holly Harden (#94976) She was dressed in a guitar costume, some what gaudy garb.
I was surprised she had a very good singing voice.  I liked the audition and so did all the judges.

11] Lathen D. – NO

12] Hansel – NO

13] Blake Smith – NO

14] Malorie Haley
Good country voice.  Randy said, “I like how you owned that song.”  Simon said, “You were fearless and have great energy.”  Kara said, “I really liked that.”  Mary said, “Great vocal it was beautiful.”

15] “Ski – Bo – Ski” (#917872)
Simon said, “That outfit put me off and bad voice.”  Kara said, “You have a good voice.” Randy said, “Good vocal’s, lose everything else.”  Mary said, “Great voice, bad image.”

16] Loren (#10379) and Carmen (#10380) Best friends ever…yada yada yada…
Carmen – YES
Loren – NO
(Awkward – YES)

17] Bryan Walker a Police Officer from TN.
I like this guy not only because of his vocals, but made the song his own.  Kara said, “That was great.”  Randy said, “The singing police officer can sing.”  Mary said, “Very good job.”
YES – The Police Office got a ticket to Hollywood…

18] Lamer Royal (#100200) — NO
All the judges said he needed more work, but he did not listen to what they were saying and started arguing including several words that were “bleeped”.  Security not only escorted him out of the room, they escorted him out of the building where the “bleeps” continued.

19] General Larry Platt (#103519) energetically sang and danced the song “Pants on the Ground.”  Larry is 62 years old and over the minimum age of 20.
NO, but we liked the song….

 We have nothing else to report at this time except see you next time….singing Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, you look foolish with your pants on the ground…….


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