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January 13, 2010

American Idol Season 9 Premiere – Boston Auditions

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The Judges tonight were Simon, Kara, Randy, and guest Victoria (Spice Girls)

 Here are the contestant performances in the order of appearance.

 1] Janice who plays the American Idol game everyday and wins.  NO

 2] Mattie Curtis who has two brothers with Down’s syndrome and what looked like a very supportive family.
I liked her as soon as she started singing. I really like her sound.
Simon said, “Very good you put a little soul in that song.”  Randy said, “I like you. Very good.”  Kara said, “You have an old sole about you.  Very good.” Victoria said, “Great!”

3] Pat Ford from New Hampshire
Randy said, “Stop singing forever.”

4] Jennifer Hirsh– YES

5] Jess Wolfe – YES
Randy said, “I like you a lot.”

6] Amedao Delrocco — YES
I like this guy immediately he was really “in to” the song with a very good voice.
Victoria said, “That was powerful, full of passion and you have great energy.”  Simon said, “That was the best of the day so far.”  Kara said, “A big yes to me fellow Italian.”  Randy said, “I liked it.”

7] Derek Hilton – NO

8] Mere Doyle who designs Japanese Kimono’s – NO

9] Luke Shaffer – YES

10] Ben Bright – YES

11] Andrew Fenlon who seemed kind of intense ended up arguing with all the judges about his attitude with words like arrogant being thrown around.  Simon said, “YES”, but these others said NO

12] Bill Bloom – NO

13] Michael Ryan – NO

14] Ashley Rodriguez – YES
I liked her because she sang with emotion and has a good voice.
Kara said, “You are great and I like your look.”  Victoria said, “Very good. You’re my favorite of today.”  Simon said, “Very good audition.  Some people have got “it” and you have “it”.”

15] Tyler Gandy who fell out of a tree and broke both of his wrists and he is a drummer.
Randy said, “Very Good.”  Victoria said, “I love your look.”  Kara said, “Fantastic!”  Simon said, “You made your audition memorable.”


16] Lisa Olivero – NO

17] Ryan Keane – NO

18] Mike Davis – Dives a sight seeing boat named Godzilla
 I liked his voice and he received a YES. (Randy voted no).

19] Katie Stevens comes from a large family and is close to her grandmother who has Alzheimer’s.  Katie is 16 years old.
When she started singing I immediately thought “Great voice!  WOW!”
Simon said, “Yes”.  Victories said, “I like you presence.”  Kara said, “For 16 years old you have “it”. That was amazing.”  Randy said, “Yes, you have a natural talent.”

20] Joshua Blaylock – YES
The judges all joked with Joshua about being to “nice” and needed to be more assertive, which he played along with.

21] Justin Williams who found out he had cancer and went through six months of “kimo”.  He is now cancer free and said that this would be a dream come true.
I thought Justin has a very good voice with great range and looks like a rock star.
Simon said, “Yes.”  Kara said, “You will be remembered.”  Victoria said, “Nice voice and presence.”  Randy said, “Liked it.”

22] Norberto G. – NO  (Forgot lyrics)

23] Bosa Mora (Parents from Nigeria and a member of a huge family).
I like his voice.  Simon said, “Good, but boring. No.”  Victoria said, “Not boring. Yes.”  Kara said, “Not boring. Yes.”  Randy said, “Yes”
YES. (He made his dad proud).

24] Leah Laurniel — YES
This was a “wow” for me.  I agreed with Randy when he said, “That was best I heard today.”

I have nothing else to report except see you for tomorrow night’s show.



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