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December 31, 2009

The Golf Channel or The Gossip Golf Channel?

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Several weeks ago when Tiger Woods private life became national news the Golf Channel all of a sudden became the “Golf Gossip Channel”.  They we all over this story too “expose” all the details of Tiger’s private life.  We saw an early segment where the “Golf Gossip Channel” had a reporter camped out right outside Tiger’s home in Florida.  This report went on to say, “When Tiger is in his house his life is his, but when Tiger steps out his front door it’s the right of the fans to know everything there is about Tiger.” 

 We at AAN found this an appalling statement.  Who is this guy speaking for the fans?  This was a typical “gossip” monger looking to make a name for himself by spewing BS on the air.  We here at AAN are huge Tiger Woods fans and it’s because of the way he plays golf.  We believe Tiger’s private life is his and none of our business.

  From then on if we clicked to the “Golf Channel” and they were playing a segment from the “Golf Gossip Channel”, we simply click over to a different channel.  A few weeks went by and Tiger put out a statement that he needed to take care of his private affairs himself and asked the media to honor his private life.  We clicked over to the “Golf Channel” and low and behold they were reporting this request by Tiger, but instead of honoring Tiger, they were back to the “Golf Gossip Channel” report all the lurid details of Tiger’s adventures, both facts and unverified theories.  Based on this latest attach on Tiger I thought there next move was to have the reporter camped outside Tiger’s house go over and knock on Tiger’s door and say, “We are going to get you Tiger!”.  On another segment a reporter asked the golf commissioner if Tiger was going to be condemned for his private life actions. (You have got to be kidding us).

  You know what folks?  We think the bottom line is if it wasn’t for Tiger Woods, the “Golf Gossip Channel” would be a bunch of over-the-hill golfers sitting around playing miniature golf.  Were they “Biting the hand that fed them?”  We think so.

  We haven’t watched the “Golf Channel” in a few weeks until last night and today.  Well, well, it seems the “Gossip” is history.  They have been re-running all segments on Tiger’s life.  It’s been non-stop Tiger from his armature days all the way through recent tournaments.  Highlight after highlight and we are watching ever moment.  This is why we are Tiger fans.

  Has the “Golf Channel” had an awakening?  Did they realize that they report the sport of golf and not peoples private lives?  Maybe they watched “Monday Night Football” on ESPN and saw that a sport channel reports the sport and not the details of all the player private lives.

  Our guess is that the “Gossip” angle did not boost the ratings and because the 2010 Golf season is about to start, they better start “kissing” up to Tiger to make up for their reporting over the pasted several weeks.

  We have nothing else to report at this time, but we will closely watch the “Golf Channel” and see what their position will be on the future segments.  We wonder, “Gossip or Golf”?

 A final comment by AAN, “Tiger you Rock and we are with you 100 %”.



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