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December 16, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Final Performance Top 6

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The dancers tonight will be dancing three routines with a different partner chosen on each routine.

  The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and Adam.

Performance review for tonight’s show in the order performed:

 1] Ryan and Kathryn
Style Ballroom
Nigel said, “Kathryn you were fantastic.  Ryan you are a great partner.”  Mary said, “Ryan I loved it and Kathryn you had control and balanced moves.”  Adam said, “Kathryn you always amaze me you were up too a high level again and stunning.  Ryan you area  a great partner.”  I like it, the flow and moves were very good. 

2] Ellenore and Jakob
Style: Broadway
Nigel said, “That was a strong routine by both of you very well done.”  Mary said, “Elenore you were smoldering, committed and in control.  Jakob that was tremendous.”  Adam said, “Ellenore you look great and Jakob you are a selfless partner.”  This was a “wow”, great moves.

3] Russell and Ashleigh
Style: Lyrical Jazz
Nigel said, “Russell that was outstanding.  I could not take my eyes off of you. That was ‘bloody incredible’. Ashleigh I am sorry I can’t say anything about you, I was watching Russell”  Mary said, “Ashleigh you had great lines and were right on.  Russell you are something special.”  Adam said, “Great Job.  Russell you ‘killed’ that dance.”  I thought it was awesome.  It was beautifully danced and a connection was made with this viewing audience.

4] Ellenore and Ryan
Style: Jazz
Nigel said, “I was uncomfortable with the entire routine.”  Mary said, “That was unique and I liked it.  Good job.”  Adam said, “Very well done.”  The choreography was awesome and they did a great job in the dancing.

5] Ashleigh and Jakob
Style: Foxtrot
Nigel said, “Ashleigh that was fantastic.  You guys did very well with a routine I did not consider very strong.”  Mary said, “Ashleigh you did it beautifully and Jakob you are still improving and might need more work in ballroom.  Adam said, “Ashleigh that routine suited you.  Both of you danced it beautifully.”  I thought it was nicely danced.

6] Russell and Ellenore
Style: Paso Doble
Nigel said, “Russell very good performance.  Ellenore you had passion and were on fire.”  Mary said, “Very good the both of you.”  Adam said, “Russell great movement and Ellenore you dance it from within.”  I think this style is one of the hardest styles and these two did a great job with it.

7] Kathryn and Jakob
Style: Contemporary
Nigel said, “Kathryn you rise to every occasion.  Jakob you will someday be a great dancer because you are at a high level now.  Join a dancer company that will push you even higher.”  Mary said, “That was the best performance I have ever seen.  It was magical.”  Adam said, “That was a game stopper.”  I thought because both dancers were in their element I ‘expected’ and awesome performance and got it and more.  Bravo!

8] Ashleigh and Ryan
Style: Contemporary
Nigel said, “Great pair, very good.”  Mary said, “That will be a great memory for both of you.”  Adam said, “I loved the incredible tenderness between the both of you.”  I was happy to see this pair for the first time this season.  These two are married and I thought the chemistry was awesome in this routine.

9] Russell and Kathryn
Style: Hip-Hop
Nigel said, “That was great by the both of you.  Russell it was terrific and Kathryn you were a “gangster” tonight.”  Mary said, “You guys have my heart.”  Adam said, “Kathryn you tore up the floor and Russell you ‘killed it.”  One again a “wow” by both dancers.  I agree, Kathryn was a ‘gangster’ tonight.

 AAN “Best pair routine of the night” (out of element)

Russell and Ashleigh – Lyrical Jazz

AAN “Best pair routine of the night” (in element)

Kathryn and Jakob – Contemporary

  Tonight’s audience voting will decide, “America’s Favorite Dancer” on tomorrow nights results show so I hope you voted for your favorite.

  I have nothing to add right now except tomorrow nights show should be one special final show of the season.  Many stars are scheduled and because this has been one great season the final results, we think, are still up in the air.  Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote,….


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