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December 9, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Week 7 Performance Top 8

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The dancers tonight will be dancing two routines with a partner chosen at random and doing a solo.  The voting is for individuals, and the results will be on tomorrow nights show.  This will determine who will be on the final show next week.

 The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and Adam.

 Right off tonight I noticed that one of the dancers was missing from the opening.  It turns out that Ashleigh dislocated her shoulder and would not be dancing tonight.  She will be having an MRI and the results will determine if she can return to the show.

 Here is my performance review for tonight’s show by couple round one and two followed by the solos:

1] Ryan and Kathryn
Round one: Style Disco – Song “Last Dance”
Adam said, “That was a perfect routine for you guys.  Good Job.”  Mary said, “Kathryn you are peaking at the right time in your dancing and Ryan you were right on point.  Both of you attached that routine.”  Nigel said, “Kathryn I love your outfit, but Ryan you seemed a little too stiff in some of your moves.  I did like the overall performance.”  I thought the routine had great energy and enjoyed it.

Round two: Style: Cha-Cha – Song “Put your hands on me”
Adam said, “That was one of the best Cha-Cha routines ever on this show.  You two were so connected.  Kathryn that was huge for you, I never saw that coming.  The teamwork was perfect.”  Mary said, “Wow, that stage was on fire.  That was a difficult routine and both of you make it look easy.  Ryan you were a star tonight.”  Nigel said, “Kathryn you looked like a Latin Dancer tonight, a far cry from contemporary.  Ryan that was perfect.  The two of you were magical.  I thought that was the best Cha-Cha routine this season.  That last move was out of this world.

2] Mollee and Jakok
Round one: Style Viennese Waltz – Song “Ordinary Day”
Adam said, “I could have watched that routine for another two hours.  Jakob you are great and Mollee you are blooming.  It was beautiful and I loved it.”  Mary said, “There was nothing ordinary about that.  Jakob you did a good job partnering and had great lines.  Mollee you elevated your level again this week.”  Nigel said, “Beautiful routine, you took my breath away.  There was a constant flow and that was excellent.  I also thought that Mollee has grown huge over the past few weeks.  The moves were effortless.

Round two:  Style Broadway – Song “Easy Street”
Adam said, “That was strong for both of you.  Mollee held my attention and Jakob you are one of the best dancers ever on this show.”  Mary said, “Both of you nailed it.  You are a great match.”  Nigel said, “Mollee you should go to Broadway, you filled the stage.  Jakob, again you remind me of Joel Grey.  I like the routine and once again to my surprise I realized that the dancers this year who have done a Broadway routine have changed my mind about the style.

3] Ellenore and Legacy
Round one:  Style Contemporary – Song “Machine Gun”
Adam said, “You guys “murdered” that routine.  Great job!  That was exciting and awesome dancing.”  Mary said, “That was great!  It was strong and “taylor-made” for the two of you.  Both of you were fearless and unbelievable.”  Nigel said, “I loved it because it was dangerous and you guys pulled it off.  That routine pushed the both of you to a new level.”  I thought it was a great job by both dancers.

Round two:  Style Hip-Hop – Song “People are Strange”
Adam said, “I don’t think that routine pushed the both of you enough.”  Mary said, “The beginning was good, but I was disappointed from then on.”  Nigel said, “I did not get it.”  I agree with Mary.  The routine had a cool concept, but I also was disappointed.

4] Russell and because Ashleigh was injured, the assistants of each choreographer stood in for Ashleigh.  Round one Rachael Shane’s assistant stood in and Round two Nakul’s assistant Alisha stood in.
Round one:  Style Hip-Hop – Song “Too Much Booty 2”
Adam said, “Russell that was a solid routine.  You hit it hard and were “smoking” with great energy.  Good job.”  Mary said, “Russell I could not stop watching you.  You were right on point and attacking.  That was amazing.”  Nigel said, “Great routine.  You showed how Hip-Hop is supposed to be danced by hitting it hard.  Great performance.

 Round two:  Style Ballywood – Song (I missed the name)
Adam said, “Russell that was high energy and a fun routine.  You brought joy and it was powerful.”  Mary said, “Russell you have risen above everything that has happened to you over the last two days y losing your partner and that was magnificent.”  Nigel said, “Russell you did great lifts and you were magnetic.  Ballywood is completely opposite “crumping” and I want to congratulate you on what you have accomplished this season.”  I thought this routine was Russell’s best routine of this season.  It was high energy with great movement and the joy he brought made me happy to be enjoying this moment.

  AAN “Best pair routine of the night”

Russell and Alisha’s Ballywood Routine.

 All the dancers did a solo routine tonight and the only one that stood out was Russell’s routine when he came out dressed like Santa Clause and did some really cool moves.  That was entertaining and we really enjoyed the creativity.  We also noticed that Ryan has improved his solo routine and of course, Jakob did a good job.  We also want to recognize Ryan’s appeal to the viewing audience to vote for his wife Ashleigh even though she could not dance tonight.  This guy is a “class” act.

  I have nothing to add right now and be sure to vote for your favorite dancer because you guys are now making the decisions this week and it will determine who goes to the final show next week.


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