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November 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Week 4 Performance Top 14

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One again tonight the viewing audience votes and the bottom three gals and three guys will dance for their lives on tomorrow nights results show.  The judges will then cut one gal and one guy tomorrow night.

The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and Adam.

Here is my performance review for tonight’s show in the order performed:

1] Ashleigh and Jakob – Style Hip-Hop – Song “Whatcha say”
Nigel said, “Jakob every week you are challenged and you deliver.  Ashleigh you are growing faster then anyone I have ever seen.  Mary said, “Ashleigh you are a star tonight.  Jakob you always hit it.”  Adam said, “Jakob you will be in the Top 10 for sure.  Ashleigh originally I did not believe you would make it, but tonight you made me a believer.”  I have to agree with Adam, I have not been a big fan of Ashleigh, but tonight she made me a believer and I think it was her best performance ever.  Great job!  I have to agree with Nigel on Jakob, he will be a top 10 dancer this season.

2] Kevin and Karen – Style Broadway – Song “If my friends could see me now.”
Nigel said, “Karen I did not like your performance.  Kevin I did not like yours either.”  Mary said, “I agree with Nigel, neither one of you were in your characters and in Broadway that is a must.”  Adam said, “Kevin I was amazed you even got through that routine you being a “hip-hoper.  Karen you were okay.”  I did not like the routine and thought it was a ho hum.

3] Russell and Noelle – Style Fox Trot – Song “Baby (You got what it takes)”
Nigel said, “Russell you have vastly improved in the last few weeks.  You are still a star and incredible.  Noelle You fight each week for yourself and you are doing it.”  Mary said, “Russell that was excellent you made it look easy.  Noelle you are gorgeous, elegant, I am proud of both of you.”  Adam said, “That was a joyful performance and it was fantastic.”  I though it was very good.  They had chemistry and it was very entertaining.

4] Channing and Victor – Style Jazz – Song “Blackbird”
Nigel said, “Channing you looked like you were enjoying yourself and that made me enjoy myself.  Victor you grew beyond belief before and now you seem to be slowing.  You are a superb dancer.”  Mary said, “Victor you are consistently good and now you need to go deeper.  Channing you were strong and that was fun.  Very good.”  Adam said, “Channing you are finding your way in this show.  Victor you are still great and need to grow.”  I always like a Ty routine and this one was another good one.  It was fun routine and the dancers did a good job making it entertaining.

5] Kathryn and Legacy – Style Paso Doble – Song “Pursuit”
Nigel said, “Legacy I always see you practicing and that passion will get you to the Top 10.  Kathryn you matured this week and you brought it big time.”  Mary said, “Legacy you were ‘crazy’ (In a good way) again.  You were right on.  Kathryn you were spot on tonight and both of you were perfect.”  Adam said, “Legacy you have been growing since Vegas and are an inspiration.  Kathryn you ‘killed it’ tonight that was perfect tonight.”  I have to say that usually I don’t like this style at all but tonight these two had my attention from beginning to end.  Both dancers were way out of their element / specialty and they nailed it.  That was and awesome performance.

6] Ellenore and Ryan – Style Contemporary – Song “Your Ex-Lovers Dead”
Nigel said, “I think this was the best routine of the night.  Ryan those were great lifts and I think you are the best ballroom dancer doing contemporary.  Ellenore you become the character in every routine you do.  You are a complete dancer and performer.”  Mary said, “Ellenore you are a perfect blend of star quality.  Ryan you have perfect timing and an inspiration to ballroom dancers everywhere.”  Adam said, “You guys took my breath away with that routine.  Thank you both, that was an honor to watch.”  I really like the routine and the dancing.  It was enjoyable to watch.

7] Mollee and Nathan – Style Pop / Jazz – Song “Bad Romance”
Nigel said, “it was far better than last week.  Nathan you are one of the most talented dancers we have had on this show but you need to grow.  Other dancers are passing you up.  Mollee you have the talent to be great because you are so committed.”  Mary said, “That was very good, but I did not get any chills.”  Adam said, “You guys now know that this will not come very easy, but you guys worked hard this week.  Good job.”  I agree with Nigel when he said, “This was far batter than last week.”  Anything would have been better than last week and this week was a “so-so”.  I think the choreographer made them good this week.

AAN “Best of Night” performance – Legacy and Kathryn.  Even though Nigel liked Ryan and Ellenor’s routine we think that the deciding factor is “growth”.  We looked at what the dancers “specialty” is and we thought that the biggest stretch came from Legacy and Kathryn.

I have nothing further to add tonight except that The Dizzyfeet Foundation is having a special November 29th called “Celebration of Dance” to be held at The Kodak Theater.  Tickets can be purchased on their web-site.  Click here.  This is a fund raiser for the foundation to donate to schools for children to enjoy the dance experience.  Eight scholarships have already been granted and the eight dancers will be dancing at the coming show.

Tune in tomorrow night for the audience voting results show.


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