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November 11, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Week 3 Performance Top 16

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Tonight the viewing audience votes and the bottom three gals and three guys will dance for their lives on tomorrow nights results show.  The judges will then cut one gal and one guy tomorrow nigh..

 The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and Adam.

 Here is my performance review for tonight’s show in the order performed:

1] Kevin and Karen – Style Hustle – Song “Come To Me”
Adam said, “You guys made it work. You both owned it. Fantastic.”  Mary said, “Amazing, very good.”  Nigel said, “Kevin you delighted me and Karen you bring something new every week.”  I thought it was a “wow”, very good.

2] Ashleigh and Jakob – Style Jazz – Song “Relax”
Adam said, “Ashleigh you belong on this show.  Jakob you are strong and flexible at the same time.”  Mary said, “This is a perfect partnership.  Ashleigh is growing and Jakob is brilliant.”  Nigel said, “Ashleigh you are growing each week and Jakob you remind me of Joel Grey.”  I thought this was a great routine and liked it very much.

3] Pauline and Peter – Style The “dreaded” Quick Step – Song “Hey Baby!”
Adam said, “There were some missteps, but Peter you were on fire and Pauline you are adorable.”  Mary said, “You guys pulled it off.  The performance was amazing.”  Nigel said, “I don’t really caer about the technique, the performance was great.”

4] Kathryn and Legacy – Style Broadway – Song “I wanna be like you”
Adam said, “Kathryn you needed more character, but the dancing was good.  Legacy you have taken a huge step in your growth.”  Mary said, “Adorable routine and Legacy you are growing by leaps and bounds.”  Nigel said, “Kathryn I was a little disappointed in your dancing.  It was somewhat childish.  Legacy you are terrific and an inspiration.”  I don’t really like Broadway but I really like this routine.  Excellent job!

5] Channing and Victor (New couple this week) – Style Contemporary – Song “Be Be your Love”
Adam said, “this is a good partnership.  Beautiful routine and good quality of movement.”  Mary said, ”Beautifully done.  Tremendous job.”  Nigel said, “Technically danced well. It was a tough routine for a new couple.”  I liked this new couple.  Very good job.

 6] Ellenore and Ryan – Style Hip Hop – Song “Lost Boiz Anthem”
Adam said, “You did good, a yeomans job.  Ryan this was a huge step for you.”  Mary said, “It wasn’t great, but good.”  Nigel said, “Not good at all.  The style wasn’t there in the dancing.”  I agree with Nigel, not good at all.  Last week was a “bravo” this week a “yuck.”

7] Mollee and Nathan – Style Salsa – Song “Quinbara”
Adam said, “Not good at all. Your weakness was exposed.”  Mary said, “That was french fried and not a bright moment.”  Nigel said, “From beginning to end that did not work.”  I like this couple but I must agree with the judges, it was not good at all.

8] Russell and Noelle – Style Afro Jazz – Song “Frog Dance”
Adam said, “There was an enormous amount of joy and character and both of you were committed to the routine. Fantastic!”  Mary said, “That was “Crazy” (In a good way).  Both of you gave me far more than expected.”  Nigel said, “I loved the routine.  Russell no question you are a star this season and living up to it.  Noelle that was a good job.”  I thought this was an excellent routine and I completely enjoyed it.  I am amazed constantly by Russell who is way out of his element and dancing excellent every week.

  AAN “Best of Night” performance – Russell and Noelle

 I have nothing further to add tonight except that The Dizzyfeet Foundation is having a special event later this month.  Please visit the web site for details.  Click Here

  Tune in tomorrow night for the audience voting results show.


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