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November 10, 2009

Extreme Makeover — Home Edition

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Extreme Makeover – Home Edition is a show we have been watching for several years.  This show packs as much inspiration as any show on television. If you have never watched this show, in a nutshell it features families who are living their dream and struggling because of circumstances.  Unlike SYTYCD this show is mainly about families devoted to helping their communities and because of the situation, whether it be physical illnesses, loss of a partner, etc. they need new homes to continue.  EM steps in and not only builds these families new homes in a week, they sometimes pay the mortgages off, or supply full scholarships to the children in the family and sometimes help pay the outstanding bills.

  What I really like on this show is depending on the situation, information can be gathered by the viewing audience about each of the situations, which if you know someone going through the same type of circumstance, you can pass the information on to your community of a specific individual you might know.

  And of course the stories about the families are the inspiration.  I sometimes just sit and watch and think “Wow!  These folks are sure heroes.” 

 On Sunday night everyone in my family sits together to watch.  Of course there are re-runs of past shows on other cable channels, but Sunday night is our family night.

  The show itself is on ABC and there are several participating companies that also contribute.  The main three are Ford Motors, CVS Pharmacy, and Sear’s.  To support the participation of these companies, we as a family make it a point to first look to these companies or their affiliates for our shipping requirements.

  Finally, it you’re looking for inspiration I strongly suggest you tune in for yourself and you will see that nothing compares to this show for a family experience of a mere hour of viewing.

  To ABC We say “Way to go!  Keep this show on the air!”


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