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October 28, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Week 1 Performance

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To start tonight it was announced that Billy Bell had to leave the show because of illness and Noelle would not be performing tonight because of a knee injury. 

Noelle was scheduled for an M.R.I this week and hopefully will be back next week.  If she does not return, she will cut from the show.  We here at ABN hope you return next week.

 The Billy news is also a disappointment.  Billy is a very gifted dancers and I for one was looking forward to this season watching Billy dance.  Billy, we here at ABN are wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to see you again later in your journey.

 Also it was announced tonight that the judges will be making the decision as to who will be leaving the show.  The announcement will be made at the end of the show. (I have already posted the results.)

 The judges tonight were Nigel, Mary, and Adam.

 Here is my performance review for tonight’s show in the order performed:

1] Channing and Phillip – Style Jive
 Nigel said, “Phillip was good and Channing needed more balance.”  Mary said, “Not bad, wants more from the couple.”  Adam said, “Phillip, good job.  Channing surprised me in a good way.”  I thought it was a so-so performance.  No chemistry.

2] Ashleigh and Jakob – Style Broadway
Nigel said, “Ashleigh good job.  Jakob you are one of the most gifted dancers I have ever seen.”  Mary said, “Ashleigh excellent and Jakob, you were perfect.”  Adam said, “Ashleigh needs to finish the lines of the dance moves.  Jakob, you are setting the standard for dance this season.”  I thought it was a good routine and Jakob was excellent.  His dancing was awesome.

3] Peter and Ariana – Style Hip-Hop
Nigel said, “I missed the theme.  Not a very good job.  You both need more.”  Mary said, “It was sloppy in the middle.”  Adam said, “Something was missing.  You did not move together at all.”  I thought it started good, and there was good energy.  I have to agree with the pair not dancing together, it made the dance fractured.

4] Russell and Noelle (Melody the choreographer of the routine) stood in for Noelle.
Nigel said, “You just proved why children need to learn dance in school.  You were totally out of your element and did a very good job.  You are an inspiration to others.”  Mary said, “You did a respectable job.  You were spot on in the beginning.”  Adam said, “That was amazing, fantastic job.”  I agree, Russell is a “Crumper” and was completely out of his element.  Great job!

5] Bianca and Victor – Style Contemporary
Nigel said, “You’re the most connected couple yet.  Bianca you are growing and Victor that was excellent.”  Mary said, “Bianca good job and great energy.  Victor, you took this dance to another level.”  Adam said, “Bianca that was very good, but you need more.  Victor, you were a revelation and dancing in you’re “sweet spot.”  I thought this routine was a “wow”.  Bianca surprised me with her performance and Victor was right on.

6] Kevin and Karen – Style Cha-Cha
Nigel said, “Kevin that was a very good performance.  Karen, excellent!”  Mary said, “Kevin that was very good and Karen you were sharp and sexy.  Very good.”  Adam said, “Kevin that was really good, great job.  Karen “YIKES” that was great.”  I thought this was another “wow”

7] Ellenore and Ryan – Style Contemporary
Nigel said, “I enjoyed it completely.”  Mary said, “You guys had great chemistry.  Ryan you nailed it and Ellenore you did a great job.”  Adam said, “Beautiful routine.  Bravo!  You two are an exciting pair of dancers.”  I thought it was danced very well by both.

8] Pauline and Brandon  — Style Smooth Waltz Brandon was called back to stand in for Billy
Nigel said, “It was not strong enough.  It needed more.”  Mary said, “You two make a great couple but Brandon you need growth.  Pauline you were elegant and had good movement.”  Adam said, “Beautiful performance.”  I thought they had good chemistry and it was very well danced.

9] Kathryn and Legacy – Style Hip-Hop
Nigel said, “Legacy you brought it.  Karen you brought together also.  I am looking forward to your partnership.”  Mary said, “Legacy you nailed it and were so precise.  Karen, right on.  You pulled it off.”  Adam said, “Great routine and great chemistry.  Good job.”  I like this one a lot.  They had great chemistry and the dance moves were awesome.

10] Mollee and Nathan – Style Disco
Nigel said, “Great energy and that was fabulous.  You guys brought it!”  Mary said, “You guys nailed it and had awesome charisma.”  Adam said, “That routine had infectious energy and I am a big fan of this routine even though I really don’t like disco.”  I thought this was the best routine of the night.  Great chemistry, awesome energy, and the routine pushed both dancers to another level.

This concluded the performances and then the judges picked two guys and two girls to “dance for their life.”  The two guys were Brandon and Russell (I was surprised on this one.)  The two girls were Ariana and Pauline.

 The final decision was Arian and Brandon was cut from the competition.
Too Brandon and Ariana we at ABN send our congratulations for making the Top 20 and even though you are leaving tonight, “Let nothing stand in your way as you continue your journey to complete your dream”.

 I have nothing further to add tonight except that I am looking forward to next weeks show.


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