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October 22, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance – Los Angels – Choosing the Top 20

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Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary, TY, Adam, Debbie, and Mia.

 This show was one ball of emotion for all the contestants, whether they were picked or cut from the top 20.  I was happy to see that the judges urged all the dancers that were cut to continue to grow and return next year to try again.  This is a good case because several of the dancers that were picked this year had tried out for other seasons and were cut only to return and make it this year.  The same applies to other previous seasons.

Here are some of tonight’s highlights:

 1] The show opened with Nathan being accepted into the top 20.

 2] Kathryn from LA
 She said she decided to let go of her limitations in Vegas and open her arms to the experience.  She said her family was very proud and she felt blessed by the entire experience.  She was accepted into the top 20.

3] Channing
 The judges said she was such a strong dancer that she needed to work more on he partner skills.  She was accepted into the top 20.

4] Ariana was accepted into the top 20.

5] Ellenora was accepted into the top 20

6] Billy
 The judges said he had great technique and Billy said he is happy to have come so far.
 He was accepted into the top 20.

7] Russell (Crumper)
 Mia said that she was blown away at his “Crumping” and that the only concern with the judges was whether he could do other styles.  They said he did exactly that during Vegas week and he was accepted into the Top 20.  He is the 1st “Crumper” style dancer to make it to the Top 20 and I could see that he was very proud of himself for getting this far

8] Kevin was accepted into the Top 20.

9] Bianca (Tap Dancer)
 This was Bianca’s second try for the Top 20 and she was accepted into the Top 20

10] Phillip (Tap Dancer)
The judges felt that Phillip needed to calm down and accept criticism.  He needs to open up to new ideas and direction. He was accepted into the top 20.

Wow!  Two Tap Dancers have made it this year so far.  There was one more left.

11] Peter (Tap Dancer)
Peter seemed a little apprehensive before he went before the judges because two Tap dancers had been accepted.  The judges discussed how he had been on the edge of being cut during Vegas week and there was one instance when the judges split their decision.  He was accepted into the top 20 and said he felt like he was “walking on air.”

Double “Wow!” Three Tap dancers made it into the Top 20 this year.

12]  Victor
 Ty said he was a big fan of Victor and that he was a strong dancer. Also noted was at the beginning of Vega week it was pointed out by the judges that his hair was a distraction.  Victor then proceeded to cut it off and then had a “buzz”.  He was accepted into the top 20.

13] Jakob was accepted into the top 20.

14] Mollie
 The judges said she danced like a 13-14 year old and she needed to mature.  She was accepted into the top 20.

15] Pauline
 Pauline was injured at the end of Vegas week and could not complete her final solo.  This was discussed by the judges and then she was accepted into the top 20.

16] Noelle
Noel was another returning dancer that was cut last season.  She said she really wanted this to happen.  She was accepted into the top 20.

17] Paula
 Paula was also another returning dancer that had previously been cut.  The judges said that she was fantastic and a very special dancer.  She was accepted into the top 20.

18] Legacy
The judges said that any other year he would have breezed right through to the top 20 but this year they had so many good “Hip Hop” dancers they had to look and compare them all.  He was accepted into the top 20.

Now it was down to two places left open.  One for the girls and one for the guys and the guys went first.

 Gene and Ryan (Who is married to Ashleigh)
 Ryan was accepted into the top 20.

 Next were the two girls Karen and Ashleigh.
 Karen was accepted into the top 20.

  They cut to the waiting room and when Ryan saw Karen come in and say she made the Top 20 he assumed that his wife Ashleigh did not make it.  He became very emotional as he waited for her.  Ashleigh then came in and said she had also been accepted.  It seems that earlier when Paula was accepted into the Top 20 she had to decline because she had landed a part in a movie.

Final notes:

To the dancers that were “cut” this year I say. “Let nothing stand in your way as you continue your journey to complete your dream”.

  Also as soon as the Top 20 pictures become available I will be posting them here.

  I have nothing else to report tonight except don’t forget the “Dizzy Feet Foundation” for kids.  Click here for more information.


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