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October 7, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Fall Season 6 – Auditions Salt Lake City UT

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This was the sixth show for Season 6, which this year is running through the Fall Season considered prime time.  Tonight is the last audition night and “Vegas Week” starts tomorrow night.

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary and Mia.

Contestants in order of performance:  (Not all the contestants that were awarded a “trip to Vegas” performed on this show.)

1] Bryan (Style — “B-Boy”)
Nigel said, “Strong moves and that was one of the best Hip-Hop auditions tis season.”  Mary said, “Great stuff and great spirit.”  Mia said, “Awesome job, one of the strongest Hip-Hop routines.”  I thought “Whoa!  Great moves!”  I liked it.
He was sent to choreography but left because he did not have any experience on other styles.  He did try, but left and said he would be back next year when he gets training in other styles.  ( hope he does return because he had some awesome hip-hop moves and looked to be an “original”.

2] Tristy (She was the passenger in 25 car accidents in three years)
Nigel asked, “Do you have any training?”  She said, “Yes, three years.”  Nigel looked surprised and said, “Someone is taking your money.”  I also thought it was a weak routine and not structured.
The judge’s decision was a “NO”.

3] Hayley
Nigel said, “I like your attitude.”  Mary said, “Wow!  String, powerful and confident.”  Mia said, “Awesome job.”  I thought it was good.  I like her moves and the routine was very good.
The judge’s decision was a “YES”. (I think this is a contestant to watch closely)

 Then there were five quick previews of dancers that all were sent to “Vegas Week”.

4] Ariana  (Style – Burlesque)
Nigel said with a big smile on his face, “Fantastic!”  Mary asked, “Did you think we wanted to see a strip-tease?”  She said “Yes, why not?”  Mia said, “Not much dancing.”
She was sent to choreography and at the end of the night the judge’s decision was “NO”.

5] Iveta   She is from Lithuania and she danced ballroom with a partner.
Nigel said, “You are vivacious and danced brilliantly.  That was a very special audition.”  Mary said, “Wow, you are exquisite.”  Mary then got “misty” because she was very impressed by the routine.  Mia said, “You have over whelming talent.  It was a privilege to watch.”  I thought it was a fantastic audition.  I thought it was the “BEST” Ballroom audition this season and one of the “BEST” auditions ever.
The judge’s decision was a “YES”. (No doubt here)

 This ended day one and it was announced that 13 dancers were put through to “Vegas” from choreography.

6] Pascal   (in the promo he said he becomes what ever song he is dancing)
Nigel said, “There was no dancing in that routine.”  I thought it was a strange routine.  There were not any dance moves and he just flopped around and shook.
The judge’s decision was a “NO”.

7] Ashley and Ryan   (Married pair)
Nigel said, “Ryan was very good.  Ashley was not real.”  Mary said, “I loved the routine and Ryan was great.  Ashely was a little fake.”  Mia said, “Something was missing Ashley.  Ryan did a vey good job.  I thought it was agood routine, but oddly enough, I think the chemistry was missing.
They were both sent to choreography and at the end of the night the judge’s decision was “YES” on both dancers.

8] Leigh and Josh   (This couple has only been together for two weeks)
Nigel said, “Good job both of you.”  Mary and Mia agreed with Nigel.  I though it was good.
Just then Leigh noticed she lost a toe nail and her toe began bleeding.  Nigel called for a medic.  When the medic was done Leigh received a judges decision of “YES”.  Josh was sent to choreography and at the end of the night the judge’s decision was “NO”.

This ended tonight show and it was announced that 19 other dancers moved on to “Vegas” after their choreography session.

Tonight’s show notes:
 Once again I liked the way the show was presented tonight.  They did not show any embarrassing routines and then only the contestants that were going to Vegas were quickly shown.  I think this made the show 100% more interesting than last years audition shows.

  I have nothing else to report tonight except don’t forget the “Dizzy Feet Foundation” for kids.  Click here for more information.

 Tomorrow nights show starts the auditions “Vegas Week” when then the top twenty is chosen for the remainder of the season.  The “promo’s” looked great.  I am definitely excited.  Mia made a comment in the promotional Vegas Week video, “This is going to blow season five away!”


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