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September 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Fall Season 6 – Auditions Atlanta GA

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This was the fourth show for Season 6, which this year is running through the Fall Season considered prime time

Tonight’s judges were Nigel, Mary and Ty Lil “C”.

Contestants in order of performance:  (Not all the contestants that were awarded a “trip to Vegas” performed on this show.)

 1] Billy
 Nigel said, “Great technique, but watch your hands and sway back.”  Mary and Lil “C” did not have any comments except voting “yes”.
The judge’s decision was a “YES”.

 2] Amber
  Nigel said, “*&*#%^#%@ performance, but great dancing, tremendous.”  Mary said, “Lousy performance, great dancing.  Lil “C”, said, “Remarkable dancing, bad performance.  I agree with the judges on both comments..
She was sent to choreography and at the end of the night the judge’s decision was “YES”.

3] Travis
Nigel said, “Fun, but dancing is not competitive enough.”  Mary said, “Not strong enough.”  Lil “C” said, “Not strong enough dance.”  I agree, weak dancing.
The judge’s decision was a “NO”.

4] I miss the name of this dancer on a quick review, but the judge’s decision was “YES”.

5] Victor
Nigel said, “WOW!”  Mary said, “Explosive and dynamic.”  I like the routine and dance.
The judge’s decision was a “YES”.

6] Antwain and Anthony (Twins that came back from 3 years ago)
All three judges said, “They are glad to see they are both growing in their dancing.”  I like their dancing.”
They were both sent to choreography and at the end of the night the judge’s decision was “YES” for Antwain and “NO” for Anthony.

7] Matthew “Boogie Links”
 Nigel said, “Great rhythm and moves.”  Mary said, “Loved it, great moves.”  Lil “C” said, “Great style.”  I thought some of the moves were good, but I questioned his dancing.
He was sent to choreograph and at the end of the night the judge’s decision was “NO”.

8] Jessica – Great story here.  She is missing her left hand but following her dream.
Nigel said, “Terrific dancing.”  Mary said, “You are inspiring and great dancing.”  Lil “C” said, “You demonstrate passion, strength and acceptance.”  I liked her performance and dancing.
She was sent to choreography and at the end of the night the judge’s decision was “NO”. (She did have a little trouble with her partner.)  Nigel hoped she would not get upset and would continue to dance.

9) Jonathan – During the promo he came across as “A legend in his own mind”.
Mary said, “Some talent, but needs structure.”  Lil “C” said, “Out of control.  You were all over the place.”  Jonathon then began arguing with the judge’s and Nigel said, “You have an attitude problem.  We are here to help you learn more, not argue with you.”  I thought it was an odd routine and not at all under control.
The judge’s decision was a “NO”.

10) Thomas – Another great story here. 
 Nigel said, “Great dancing, but you need to watch your emotions.”  Mary said, “WOW!  You are so talented and gifted.”  Lil “C” said, “Thank you for showing us your great talent.”  I thought this was the “BEST” performance of the night.  A powerful contestant.
The judge’s decision was a “YES”.

 Tonight’s show notes:
 Once again I liked the way the show was presented tonight.  The embarrassing routines were held to just a few and the contestants sent to choreography were saved to last few minutes and then only the contestants that were going to Vegas were quickly shown.  I think this made the show 100% more interesting than last years audition shows.

  I have nothing else to report tonight except don’t forget the “Dizzy Feet Foundation” for kids.  Click here for more information.

 New Orleans auditions are tomorrow night.



  1. ? Sorry but…Maybe it’s just my pervert radar but was there a pretty girl in a white dress that actually auditioned “al fresco” (flash occuring right before a commercial break)
    She actualy falls and does a split for the camera about midway into the show… Eat your heart out Brittney and Paris!
    At least this girl has some talant, I assume, I think she got a ticket to Vegas!

    Comment by noclass — September 30, 2009 @ 3:10 am | Reply

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    Comment by DennisVega — September 30, 2009 @ 4:33 pm | Reply

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    Comment by Tnelson — September 30, 2009 @ 9:59 pm | Reply

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